Wall Street

Raju Narisetti says free samples can lead to paid subscribers

Dogmatists in the great debate about free versus paid digital content should check out a brief interview with Raju Narisetti by London-based Media Briefing.

Narisetti left his job as a managing editor at The Washington Post, one of the leading holdouts against a paywall, to return to The Wall Street Journal.

Having operated in both environments, Narisetti likes some of each. His concept is that Dow Jones’ free websites, MarketWatch and smartmoney.com, work as freestanding businesses and support the parent site.

Similarly, he notes, “It’s difficult for people who are not exposed to your content to suddenly become a subscriber.” That helps explain The Wall Street Journal site’s periodic free get-acquainted days or weeks, as well as the relative ease of circumventing the paywall to read an individual article. Read more