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Google News mobile gets new look, adds access to desktop features like editor's picks

Google Readers visiting Google News on smartphones will see some changes starting today thanks to a redesign that includes better navigation, enhanced customization and more features from the desktop site. Increasingly people are reading News “on the go” and using their smartphones to keep abreast of the latest happenings around the globe. Over the next few days Google News readers on Android and iOS devices will start to see a beautiful new version of the mobile web app that will provide an improved overall experience resulting in a kind of real time news desk for you on your phone. Users can view a dark or light theme, opt for larger, more detailed story cards, and access the weather and editor's picks features popular on the desktop site. Read More

NPR combines interactive, multimedia desks into one

In an effort to make its storytelling even more web-optimized, NPR is combining its interactive news applications desk and multimedia desk into a new "good Internet team." That's not what it'll officially be called, said Brian Boyer, the news apps editor who will oversee the as-yet-unnamed visuals desk. Each day, the team will aim to answer the question, "What's … Read More

Financial Times launches Web app to avoid Apple's fees and restrictions

All Things D The Financial Times has launched a Web app that delivers content to tablets and mobile phones without going through Apple's iTunes store. The advantage is that the FT keeps control of the subscriber data and avoids paying Apple a 30 percent share of subscriptions. All Things D calls it the "first major attempt" by … Read More