WikiLeaks describes why Julian Assange will host a new television show about “the world tomorrow”:

“WikiLeaks, as the world’s boldest publisher, has been at the front line of this global movement for understanding and change. Its founder, Julian Assange, as the subject of an ongoing Grand Jury investigation in the United States for over 500 days now, is one of the world’s most recognizable revolutionary figures.”

WikiLeaks news release


Assange: ‘Thank God I’m not Bill Keller’s type of journalist’

Rolling Stone
Julian Assange tells Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings that Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers, has been one of his strongest supporters. He doesn’t have kind words for Bill Keller, former executive editor of The New York Times, which collaborated with WikiLeaks (for a time) to report on “The War Logs.” Keller described WikiLeaks as a source, not a collaborator, in a lengthy New York Times Magazine piece last year.

Keller was trying to save his own skin from the espionage investigation in two ways. First, on a legal technicality, by claiming that there was no collaboration, only a passive relationship between journalist and source. And second, by distancing themselves from us by attacking me personally, using all the standard tabloid character-assassination attacks.

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Honest Appalachia, new whistleblower site, solicits leaks for 7-state region

Associated Press | Honest Appalachia
The AP’s Vicki Smith writes that Honest Appalachia co-founder Jim Tobias and his partners decided to focus on seven states — West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina — “because of its relatively rural area, believing there was less media scrutiny in the region and that a resource like Honest Appalachia would be particularly valuable.” Whistleblowers will be able to upload documents anonymously after downloading software from the site; staff will vet the documents and work with journalists to publicize them.

The site, which is funded by the Sunlight Foundation and private donations, differentiates itself from WikiLeaks in a blog post: Read more


Assange: Best journalism on WikiLeaks cables hasn’t come from U.S., Europe
The day after WikiLeaks received an Australian journalism award and a year after it released U.S. diplomatic cables, Julian Assange told a journalism conference in Hong Kong that journalists in countries such as India, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Kenya have done the best reporting with the cables. “Those journalists are more courageous, hard working and often younger than ones in older democracies. And for them the stakes are higher and therefore journalism has more ability to impact the power structures within the country.” Rachel McAthy reports that Assange also contended that most journalists aim “to crawl up the ladder of power to become associated with power.” || Related: WikiLeaks delays launch of new anonymous submission system (Financial Times) Read more


WSJ reporters skeptical WikiLeaks clone would yield big payoff

Jeff Bercovici uses WikiLeaks’ announcement that it has halted operations until it can raise some cash to check in on efforts to create anonymous document submission systems at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Both are “stuck in neutral,” he writes. Journal reporters, meanwhile, “are skeptical that anonymous file submissions will ever reliably yield the kind of rich information that comes from carefully cultivated sources. ‘Whether the Journal was ever going to get a cache of WikiLeaks-type documents — I don’t know whether that was ever going to happen,’ says one.” || Earlier: The Journal launches its SafeHouse system, but it’s criticized for security flaws Read more


WikiLeaks suspends publication to raise money

Associated Press | The Age | McClatchy
In a statement on its website, WikiLeaks reveals it will stop publishing leaked information while it raises money to support itself. The statement reads:

We are forced to temporarily suspend publishing whilst we secure our economic survival. For almost a year we have been fighting an unlawful financial blockade. We cannot allow giant US finance companies to decide how the whole world votes with its pocket. Our battles are costly. We need your support to fight back. Please donate now.

The site lists the following expenses:

  • Productions: $400,000
  • Legal costs: $1,200,000
  • Salaries/staff expenses: $500,000
  • Technical information: $500,000
  • Publications research: $500,000
  • Campaigns $300,000
  • Security: $300,000

Founder Julian Assange told a journalists’ club on Sunday that “WikiLeaks would reactivate its confidential document submission system from November 28, the first anniversary of the transparency group’s massive release of leaked United States diplomatic cables,” The Age reports. Read more


Did Wired withhold important context about Bradley Manning chat logs?

Yahoo News / / Salon

Last year, published portions of instant-message chats in which Bradley Manning confessed to a former hacker named Adrian Lamo that he had leaked secret information to WikiLeaks. has now published the entire chat logs, which critics say contain important context that should have been disclosed. Chief among them is that Lamo told Manning, “I’m a journalist and a minister … treat this a confession or an interview (never to be published),” which contradicts Lamo’s earlier accounts. Lamo turned Manning in to law enforcement and handed the full logs over to Read more


Should whistleblowers trust Wall Street Journal’s ‘Safehouse’?

Forbes / Gawker
The Wall Street Journal has addressed some of the security flaws for Safehouse, which critics pointed out soon after the paper unveiled the anonymous document-leaking site. Still at issue is the site’s “terms of use,” which seem to leave a lot of room for the Journal to reveal leakers’ identities. Adrian Chen’s summary of the terms: “Go ahead and upload your explosive documents to SafeHouse. But if they publish a scoop based on your material and someone gets mad, they can sell you out to anyone for any reason.” The Journal says in a statement Friday that it will protect its sources as much as it legally can and that the language is supposed to let the company deal with “extraordinary circumstances.” || Keep trying: Dan Gillmor says the Journal should keep improving the site but notes, “There’s always going to be a question of how much a leaker should trust any private company on which a government can exert pressure.” Read more

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WikiLeaks’ ‘Gitmo files’ leaked to New York Times

Huffington Post
Michael Calderone describes how two groups of U.S. news outlets raced Sunday night to report news of the “Gitmo files,” the latest secret document disclosure from WikiLeaks. In one camp were WikiLeaks’ partners, The Washington Post and McClatchy, who had agreed to hold their stories until WikiLeaks posted the documents on its site. In the other were The New York Times and NPR, who weren’t constrained by the embargo because the Times had gotten the documents elsewhere — again. The Times and NPR, working in concert, planned to publish their stories Sunday night, which appears to have spurred WikiLeaks to suddenly lift its embargo. “All I know is I spent nearly the last month digging through documents and was surprised tonight to learn that the embargo was about to be lifted on two hours notice,” Carol Rosenberg of The Miami Herald told Calderone. Read more

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Assange one of Time’s 100 most influential people, but not flagged as ‘media’

Time / Huffington Post

Time has released its list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Julian Assange makes the list as a “muckraker,” but Time’s public relations folks don’t include him on a list of media figures. (Update: A Time rep tells me there are no official categories; she just flagged these names as being of interest.) Here’s the list, posted on Huffington Post:

Business Insider included Assange on its media list, as well as Mark Zuckerberg and Michele Bachmann.

Related: Debate over whether WikiLeaks is a media organization doesn’t affect its First Amendment protections. Read more

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