Waves crash over the bow of a tug boat as it passes near the Statue of Liberty in New York Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 as rough water as the result of Hurricane Sandy churned the waters of New York Harbor. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

How New York media outlets adapted after Hurricane Sandy

When hurricane season comes around, journalists at The Miami Herald start planning.

Reporters are told to keep extra fuel at their homes in case gas stations close. If a storm is imminent, the paper develops alternate distribution routes depending on wind speed and flooding. And editors ensure that their reporters aren’t all using the same cellphone network — that way, if a storm cuts service to a wireless provider, a large proportion of the newsroom will still be able to communicate.

“When you sit down here on the end of the peninsula, all you have to do is sit and look at historical maps of storm tracks, and you have to be prepared,” said Dave Wilson, a senior editor at the Miami Herald.

Compare that preparation with the chaos many news organizations endured two years ago, when Hurricane Sandy hammered the Northeast. Read more

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SND names ‘World’s Best’ news sites and apps, criticizes design stagnation

Society for News Design

The Society for News Design has recognized websites from The New York Times and Nautilus and iPhone apps from WNYC and Al Jazeera America as 2013 World’s Best-Designed winners.

The judges seemed to prefer experiences that were carefully tailored to specific devices: “Native apps, iOS, Android and others that rose to the level of excellence for us were purposefully appropriate in their medium.”

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Brian Lehrer broadcasts through disaster, ‘providing comfort to people’

As Brian Lehrer hosted WNYC‘s coverage of Hurricane Sandy Monday night in New York City, what stood out, he says by phone, were “the eye-popping, outsized numbers that were coming in that I could hardly believe and had to do a double take before putting them on the air.” Such as the 100 mile-per-hour gusts closing the Triborough Bridge — “that’s not a figure you hear with respect to wind in New York City,” Lehrer says.

Lehrer, 60, has hosted a show on WNYC since 1989. Since Sunday he’s been camping out in Lower Manhattan near the station’s studio. His usual two-hour morning show was extended to three hours Monday, and he co-anchored the station’s special coverage during the storm Monday night. Tuesday morning he was back on for three hours; he’s looking forward to getting back to his house at Manhattan’s northern tip this afternoon. WNYC’s offices — which also house classical station WQXR and New Jersey Public Radio — are operating on generator power now. Read more

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Radiolab apologizes for treating source rudely but defends podcast

Hyphen | Radiolab | Minnesota Public Radio | Current.org
A cohost of the public-radio show Radiolab says he “pushed too hard” in an interview, but the station that produces the show has pushed back against accusations that a segment it released as a podcast was unfair.

Kao Kalia Yang wrote a long piece, published Monday, about her treatment by Radiolab and its producers. Cohost Robert Krulwich interviewed Yang’s uncle, Eng Yang, a Hmong man who survived attacks by the Viet Cong that many people believe involved chemical weapons. She translated for her uncle during the interview. Read more


Jim Schachter leaves New York Times to be WNYC’s VP of news

WNYC has announced that it has hired Jim Schachter, associate managing editor at The New York Times, to fill a new role of vice president for news. “He will work closely with WNYC’s news and digital teams on the further integration of WNYC’s broadcast and digital content,” WNYC says in a news release.

One of Schachter’s responsibilities at the Times was overseeing its content partnerships with a few local nonprofit news organizations around the country. WNYC’s Dean Cappello, senior VP for programming and chief content officer, said in the news release:

Jim is the ideal candidate for this newly created role … He has worked at nearly every editorial job, from reporter to editor to creator of collaborations. He has been a prominent part of The New York Times as it’s made a remarkable transition into the world of online journalism. And he has had long experience with public media as he led conversations about new partnerships between The New York Times and other news providers, including WNYC.

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