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The Riveter celebrates its second print issue with more longform journalism by women

Kaylen Ralph and Joanna Demkiewicz have spent the past year helping to change the ratio of women to men in longform journalism.

Today, they’re publishing the second print issue of The Riveter, the magazine they created last year to highlight longform and narrative journalism written by women.

“Our first print issue came out almost a year ago, and since then we’ve built up a dynamic staff of editors and big-picture thinkers who have helped us secure a reliable online voice,” Demkiewicz said via email. “In producing weekly online content, we have broadened our audience and are able to prove that we ebb and flow with the surrounding media and culture.”


Joanna Demkiewicz (left) and Kaylen Ralph.

As part of The Riveter’s growth, Demkiewicz and Ralph have added new departments to diversify the magazine’s content, including one called “Longform as Lifestyle” and another called “Bedstand.”

“One new department speaks to our mission to promote longform as a lifestyle element on par with music, fashion, beauty, health, etc.,” Demkiewicz said. Read more


Abrams: Female geeks an underserved audience for TheMarySue.com

When Dan Abrams launches TheMarySue.com next year, he’ll be targeting an audience that he believes is widely underserved: female geeks.

TheMarySue.com will feature content on topics such as video games, comics and women in technology, and will be curated from a female geek perspective.

“A lot of it is going to be, ‘here are the cool things on the Internet,’ but it’s from the sensibility of women who are really knowledgeable about the tech and geek world,” MSNBC’s Abrams said in a phone interview.

TheMarySue.com, which is set to launch in early February, is among Abrams’ latest efforts as a Web entrepreneur. Earlier this week he announced that he also plans to launch Mogulite — a site about famous business personalities — as well as a media-related job postings board. Read more