Radio reporter covers D.C. with an iPhone only

Neal Augenstein has been a radio reporter at WTOP for 14 years, and a smart phone mojo for 10 months. An average day for him in Washington, D.C., may include anything from breaking news to lifestyle features and, since February, he has covered those stories using little more than his iPhone.

I asked Augenstein about his transition from traditional radio gear and the challenges and benefits that involves. He explains his new smart phone-centric approach to the job in this edited e-mail interview.

Damon Kiesow: Before you switched over to an iPhone, what gear did you carry, and what was a typical work flow?

Neal Augenstein: [I carried] a laptop with Adobe Audition, a Comrex Access unit, a Marantz PMD620 and a Shure SM63. With a strong FM signal, online and mobile listeners, at WTOP we have a mandate to get the best-sounding audio on the air, as soon as possible. Read more

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