Learn About Writing from Poynter

For 35 years, Poynter has helped writers develop their skills and gain confidence in the work they do. Here is a listing of how you can learn about writing from Poynter in the first part of 2010.

Learn on your own schedule

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Learn in person with Poynter faculty

  • Making Your Opinion Matter (May 3-7)
    Push your opinion writing to a higher level with tips and strategies drawn from award-winning columnists, editorial writers and bloggers. You’ll strengthen your writing muscles, try on different styles and writing voices, and produce work that can be published while you’re here.
  • Narrative Writing On Deadline (July 19-23)
    The elements of narrative writing can bring characters to life and lend texture and power to daily stories that might otherwise fall flat. It all starts with a solid idea and sharp reporting and writing techniques.
  • More seminars

While Poynter teaches writing in many ways, the guiding values are consistent across methods and over time. These are the guiding values, as described by Roy Peter Clark:

  • Anyone anywhere who wants to improve his or her writing should be encouraged to do so.
  • The most literate people in a society are those who read critically, write purposefully and talk productively about how meaning is made.
  • Stories make us human.
  • The gift of language carries the responsibility to write well, whether the message comes in the form of a 140-character Tweet or a 1,000-page book on the war in Afghanistan.

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