Fewer Journalists Say They Are Democrats

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Compared with 1992, the percentage of full-time journalists who claim to be Democrats has dropped 7 percentage points in 2002 to slightly above 37 percent, moving this figure closer to the overall population percentage of 32 percent, according to a July 29-31, 2002, Gallup national telephone poll of 1,003 adults. This is the lowest percentage of journalists saying they are Democrats since 1971.

Slightly more journalists said they were Republicans in 2002 (18.6 percent) than in 1992 (16.3 percent), but the 2002 figure is still notably lower than the percentage of U.S. adults who identified with the Republican Party (31 percent according to the Gallup poll mentioned above). About one-third of all journalists (33.5 percent) said they were Independents, which is very close to the figure for all U.S. adults (32 percent). Journalists in 2002 were much more likely than the general public to say that they were something other than Democrat, Republican, or Independent, however (10.5 percent versus 1 percent).

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