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2021/05/07 | Georgia

FALSE: 3 claims by Dr. Vernon Coleman: 1. “Great Reset” and “Agenda 21” is a scenario plotted by the “evil elite” to achieve depopulation and seize total power; 2. The coronavirus vaccine is a dangerous, experimental gene therapy; 3. COVID-19 vaccines have not been created to prevent virus transmission, while vaccinated people pose a threat to unvaccinated people, because vaccines do not reduce virus transmission.

Explanation: 1. In fact, the Great Reset is not a secret plan, but rather the initiative developed by the World Economic Forum in 2020 to find long-term solutions to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences. “Agenda 21” was adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. The document focuses on global social and economic challenges, as well as sustainable development. It is no secret and does not aim at the destruction of humankind; 2. Working mechanisms for COVID-19 vaccines and gene therapy are different. The mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy because they do not alter recipients’ genes; 3. People who already received their doses of COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) do not transmit the virus to others.

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