Fact-checked by: Ellinika Hoaxes

2021/02/19 | Greece

FALSE: According to Dr. Dolores Cahill a significant percentage of the people who received the mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 will die within a year. Her conclusion is based on a research done in animals which showed that 50% of those who received an mRNA vaccine died.

Explanation: Dr. Cahills assertions have no scientific basis. After extensive research to every credible database for scientific studies and clinical trials we were not able to locate the one she is referencing regarding the use of mRNA vaccines on animals with a resulting 50% fatality. There is no scientific study or report from a credible scientific institution stating that any mRNA vaccine has caused any death in humans nor that it can cause someone's death within a specific time frame as Dr. Cahill suggests.

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This false claim originated from: Facebook posts

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