Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2022/07/25 | North Macedonia

FALSE: Again the return of masks, again the virus, again news with the dead and cured. Who do you think all these suits? Why? Maybe a future generation will give us the answer, in any case, this is a biological world war. I have no doubts that the virus is produced in laboratories and that it spreads artificially.

Explanation: There are no serious arguments either in the scientific community or in intelligence agencies around the world that the current 2019 coronavirus was deliberately created by someone to be used as a biological weapon. Such claims without any evidence fall into the realm of conspiracy theories. New virus variants spread rapidly because they skillfully evade antibodies produced by vaccines and previous infections. This allows new variants to spread even in highly vaccinated populations, and therefore new waves with large numbers of infected individuals appear, and there are increasingly frequent reinfections.

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This false claim originated from: Viral social media post

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