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2020/12/22 | Georgia, United States

FALSE: American nurse Tiffany Dover who passed out minutes after receiving coronavirus vaccine on December 17 is dead, confirms the data from the American webpage SearchQuarry, which shows that the death certificate of 30 years old Tiffany Dover living in Alabama is ready

Explanation: The information about the death of American nurse Tiffany Dover isn’t backed up. On December 21, CHI Memorial Hospital spread a video of Dover together with her colleagues. The only source that backed up the viral disinformation about her death was SearhQuarry.com, which is an unreliable public database, where the information can only be accessed after the purchase. One of the Twitter users checked the information and found out that SearchQuarry asked for payment for access to a document, but when purchased, the webpage provided general document on the citizen Tiffany Dover and not the requested death certificate.

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This false claim originated from: Facebook

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