Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2021/06/14 | North Macedonia

PARTLY FALSE: Confidential Pfizer research document, translated from Japanese to English. “Biodistribution” study of mRNA vaccines. Proves the mRNA moves from the injection site to the blood, then circulates spike proteins throughout the body, attacking the ovaries, liver, neurological tissues, other organs. This is the study that will result in mRNA vaccines being pulled from the market.

Explanation: We deem this post as disinformation when it is claimed that the spike protein attacks the ovaries, the neurological system, and other organs. Spike protein does not attack anything, it only aims to activate the immune response, it is not the same as coronavirus spike protein and after vaccination, it is created in a dose 100 thousand times lower than in viral infection.

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This false claim originated from: viral social media post

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