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2021/04/22 | Georgia, United States

FALSE: Dr. Knauss tested 1500 positive COVID samples and none of them contained the coronavirus. He claims that the tests contained type A and type B influenza viruses. Knauss claims that not a single laboratory has isolated the coronavirus that confirms that COVID-19 is a fiction and in fact, the virus is nothing but yet another flu strain.

Explanation: The text spread by Georgian anti-vaxxers allegedly involves remarks by fictional Dr. Derek Knauss. Neither the latter nor his studies can be found in scientific databases. The text contains disinformation, because: 1. COVID-19 is not a new strain of influenza; 2. COVID-19 virus was isolated in several labs. The man featuring in the videos and photos is Patrick Gunnels, a YouTuber, who reads out tweets in his videos. Apparently, he also read out the text in question and was passed off as Dr. Knauss.

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This false claim originated from: Facebook

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