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2021/06/04 | United States

FALSE: Fauci’s emails prove he knew that masks don’t work against the spread of COVID-19, that hydroxychloroquine is effective against COVID-19, and that the virus is likely engineered, and he lied about these things to the public.

Explanation: Studies showed that masks reduce the spread of viral respiratory infections like COVID-19. Clinical trials found that hydroxychloroquine didn’t offer any meaningful benefit to COVID-19 patients. There is evidence showing that most people who had COVID-19 develop some level of immunity. But individual variability in immunity and virus variants mean that vaccination can still benefit a person who already had the disease. Scientific studies of the virus’ genome to date haven’t shown evidence that the virus was engineered in a laboratory. There is a lack of evidence that allows us to accept or reject the hypothesis of a laboratory accident with a high degree of certainty. At the moment, both zoonosis and laboratory escape remain plausible scenarios.

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This false claim originated from: Social media users; Facebook, TikTok, Twitter

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