Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2020/03/09 | North Macedonia, Greece

Mostly false: Gargling with Betadine kills germs or reduces their numbers in the throat before they go down to the lungs, and a statement by Eleni Jamarely, professor of infectious diseases, claims that HIV is transmitted more easily from the new coronavirus through the spoon at communion.

Explanation: This is incorrect because, according to the CDC, HIV infection in such a case is possible only if a person has an open wound in the mouth. Gargling with Betadine is dangerous because it is not said which Betadine product should be used. There is a special Betadine mouthwash product, whose efficiency on the novel coronavirus has not been proven yet and which can cause allergies for some people. Any other type of Betadine product can have counter-effects.

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This false claim originated from: Professor of Infectious Diseases, Eleni Jamarelu and greek news portal

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