Fact-checked by: Raskrinkavanje

2020/04/24 | Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia

FALSE: Half a million of people are demanding investigation on Bill Gates charging him with crimes against humanity. White house decides about Gate’s destiny. Investigation is on the way

Explanation: Sputnik from Serbia published an article about the petition on the website of the White House against the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was signed by over 425,000 people and which requires an investigation into the public debate in the US Congress. Various media outlets have added new inaccurate claims to the news, such Bill gates will be "charged for the crime", that investigation is "on the way" and that the White House "decide about Gates' fate". This petition contains proven inaccurate claims about Gates and other conspiracy theories, but this has not prevented many portals from reporting about its content completely uncritically, or with the addition of new disinformation. Our conclusions show that every person at the age of 13 has the legal requirements to initiate a petition through this platform. The best evidence is some sarcastic demands, like Alaska, should be returned to Russia, or the national park should be replaced by cloned dinosaurs.

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This false claim originated from: Online Media

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