Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2022/10/25 | North Macedonia

FALSE: Let us not be blind when we have eyes, and deaf when we have ears. The only reason for the emergence of the new syndrome that covers all ages, called “SUDDEN DEATH” is in the picture. And one more thing… If they censor the post, it’s not because of spreading false information, but because of publishing their AGENDA.

Explanation: The post disinforms that vaccination causes an increased death rate from Sudden Arruthmic Death Syndrome-SADS. The incidence of Covid-19 is closely related to an increased incidence of sudden cardiac arrest and lower survival rates. In fact, the Sudden Arrhythmia Syndrome Foundation recommends that all patients with SADS receive Covid-19 vaccines. Covid vaccines have not been linked to sudden death in adults or children in general. Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, is associated in extremely rare cases after vaccination, but heart problems after contracting Covid-19 are common, according to Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

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This false claim originated from: Viral social media post

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