Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2020/11/05 | North Macedonia

FALSE: Mass extermination through vaccine consists of two strategies: Binding vaccines to new viral strains of bio-weapons to ensure that the “outbreak” narrative continues. Remarkably, this requires only less than one percent of the vaccines administered. Vaccine engineering can cause a very high mortality rate when exposed to a secondary infection in the future, in a fatal reaction called a “cytokine storm”, which is an event of hyperinflammation leading to rapid death.

Explanation: The very prediction that the # Covid-2021 virus will appear a year in advance is completely unfounded. No source of information is offered and no one is a # clairvoyant. Second, this claim has no biological logic and with a small amount of knowledge of physiology it is clear that what is written has nothing to do with the real science of #immunology. No one can plan to create a # cytokine #storm which is a turbulent reaction of #immunity, i.e. a storm of #cytokines. These are the molecules with which immune cells communicate. This has not been done so far. We do not know what the true mechanism of the cytokine storm is. I think that if someone discovers that mechanism, they will be given a Nobel Prize, explains Dr. Mitov.

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This false claim originated from: viral social media post

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