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2020/12/14 | Georgia

FALSE: PCR tests do not diagnose COVID-19, but rather collect human genetic materials. Swab sticks used for taking nasal smear may damage brain membrane.

Explanation: PCR tests are especially sensitive towards pathogens; due to high accuracy of the results, PCR testing is even called the gold standard. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of PCR tests to diagnose COVID-19. It is not true that swab sticks used for taking nasal smear may damage brain membrane. In order for the swab stick to reach the blood-brain barrier, it must pass several bony, various tissue layers and blood vessels. Each of them protects the mentioned barrier and its damage with a swab becomes practically impossible. It is also a false claim that use of PCR testing for the coronavirus diagnosis has certain covert goals. This method of testing had existed prior to the coronavirus outbreak and it has long been used in medicine for various purposes.

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