Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2022/08/12 | North Macedonia, Ethiopia

FALSE: Tedros admitted that he is “unvaccinated.” In protest, because he comes from the poor country of Ethiopia and poor Africa, which, as he once said elsewhere, is at a disadvantage when it comes to vaccination and does not want to be pushed. He is brave enough to let others go first, a true philanthropist!

Explanation: The WHO chief's statement comes from an interview he did for the HBO film "How to Survive the Pandemic", but he does not say that he was not vaccinated, but that he was waiting to get a vaccine along with the underdeveloped, poor countries of the African continent. In his public appearances, Tedros constantly calls for awareness of the equal distribution of vaccines everywhere in the world, especially in African countries.

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This false claim originated from: Viral social media post

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