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2021/12/28 | Georgia, United Kingdom

FALSE: The inventor of RNA vaccine technology is Robert Malone. Once the coronavirus RNA vaccine is injected into a child’s cells, it begins to produce toxic spike proteins that cause irreversible damage to the child’s brain, nervous system, cardiovascular and reproductive systems, and immunity. RNA technology is not properly tested, and research on a new RNA vaccine takes at least 5 years, so coronavirus vaccines are experimental. More than 5,000 people have died from coronavirus vaccines in the UK.

Explanation: The creation of RNA vaccines is based not on the work of Malone but on the work of the Hungarian scientist Katalin Kariko. The assertion that spike proteins are toxic and cause irreparable damage to various vital organs in children has not been substantiated by any scientific research available so far. Malone's assertion that RNA technology is not properly tested and that coronavirus vaccines are a mass experiment is disinformation. Information on the death of 5,000 people as a result of vaccination in the UK is misleading as it reflects the reports in the Yellow Card system, which could constitute any side effect of the vaccine and which is subject to further confirmation.

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