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2020/11/04 | Georgia

FALSE: The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), a prestigious medical journal, has published a plan developed by Bill Gates on carrying out mandatory vaccination and establishing total control over the world population. According to the plan, an RNA molecule experimental vaccine should be created “to reprogram” the immune system and make human body vaccine dependent. Vaccination will become mandatory, while vaccine rejection will lead to compulsory vaccination through use of force, restriction of the right to free movement or work.

Explanation: The journal really published an article by Bill Gates on February 28, 2020, but it covered the necessary steps to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and mainly contained recommendations. The claim that RNA-based vaccine will alter characteristics of human cells is nothing but disinformation. Scientists frequently refer to RNA-based vaccines as “next generation” vaccines, because RNA vaccines are faster and cheaper to produce than traditional vaccines, and RNA based vaccine is also safer for the patient. Presently, RNA-based vaccines are still undergoing early-stage clinical trials and scientists are actively researching their potential.

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