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2020/12/10 | Georgia

FALSE: The pandemic was planned intentionally. The documentary called Plandemic has exposed a COVID-19 “criminal operation.”

Explanation: The video Plandemic referred to by the author of the post as a documentary has already been removed from the Internet; however, according to the information searched through open sources, Judy Mikovits, former medical researcher, spreads several disinfo claims. Among the claims voiced in the Plandemic, two are conspiracy theories, two more lack evidence, and one is false. The claims as if a flu vaccine is used to inject humans with the coronavirus and as if the coronavirus came from a lab are conspiracy theories; The claims as if hydroxychloroquine is effective to treat the coronavirus and people get infected after wearing face masks lack evidence; It is a false claim as if the coronavirus cannot survive on surfaces for over an hour. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus can remain viable on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours.To back up the opinion that the coronavirus pandemic was planned intentionally, the post provides four more conspiracy theories. The post is accompanied by visual manipulation, because one of the photos illustrating protests was shot before the coronavirus outbreak, in 2016. Moreover, about 30 000 people, not one million, participated in the Berlin rally in 2020.

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This false claim originated from: Facebook

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