Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2022/08/05 | North Macedonia

FALSE: The post claims that disc herniation is a new symptom of the coronavirus, so if the patient has back pain, even though they have a negative test for corona, it still means that they are infected with the virus.

Explanation: The incorrect claim expressed in this Facebook post, that the one who has a herniated disc means that they are sick with the coronavirus, is based on a statement by Dr. Aleksandar Stojanovic, director of the "Palilula" Health Center from Belgrade, which was reported by several Macedonian media. Dr. Stojanovic does not mention disc herniation anywhere in his statement, nor does he say that back pain and a negative test for the virus mean that the patient has corona. On the contrary, he says that back pain is a new symptom of the virus, but that they confirmed it through the positive tests of the virus. After all, disc herniation is a disease that has nothing to do with a virus.

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This false claim originated from: Viral social media post

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