Fact-checked by: Vistinomer

2022/08/20 | North Macedonia

FALSE: The post claims that the coronavirus is food poisoning, cold, flu, and pneumonia, that PCR tests do not serve as a diagnosis, and that the abolishment of measures is not due to a weakened virus, but due to the decisions of courts around the world that rejected masks and mandatory vaccination. The post sarcastically refers to the coronavirus as an “onion,” a metaphor for fake news.

Explanation: Contrary to the claim in the post, there were no court decisions in our country to reject "masks and mandatory vaccination". Vaccination from the beginning of the vaccination campaign is voluntary and is performed with the written consent of each person who decides to be vaccinated. It is not true that the measures are now abolished due to court decisions, but it is so because there is a small burden on the hospital facilities, there is a part of the population that is vaccinated and a part that is hospitalized. It is not true that covid is an "onion", i.e. fake news, and the fact that the symptoms of flu and covid may be similar in a certain part does not mean that flu and covid are the same thing

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This false claim originated from: Viral social media post

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