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2021/07/26 | Georgia, United Kingdom, United States, Haiti

FALSE: Vaccines are ineffective. Mortality rates have risen in the UK since vaccination. Haiti was the only country where vaccination did not begin and its president was assassinated. Tests will not detect the virus, its creator said. Masks do not protect against infection, this was confirmed by the published correspondence of Fauci.

Explanation: Vaccination has reduced mortality rates in the UK. Vaccination significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization. The wife of the deceased President of Haiti named his political activities as the reason for the assassination, but the investigation is not over. Haiti was not the only country in the world where vaccination was not carried out. The creator of PCR tests did not make a statement about its ineffectiveness. Masks are an effective way to protect from infection. Allegations of mask ineffectiveness in Fauci's published correspondence came before new studies confirmed the importance of masks to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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This false claim originated from: Facebook

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