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2020/05/01 | Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

FALSE: When the COVID-19 vaccine is introduced, microchips will also be introduced into the human body, then 5G networks will come into play, through which the world’s elite will send various signals to nanochips that have settled in human organisms. They will want to send such a signal that only the a “Golden” billion will remain on Earth.

Explanation: The idea of introducing chips into the human body in general is not news, not a secret, but quite openly conducted by a number of scientific experiments aimed at possible" improvement " of a person with the help of technology. Mobile phones are a much more convenient tracking tool than chips, simply because they are more energy-intensive. It is these devices that should be feared from the point of view of privacy, and not the mythical "secretly implanted" nanochips. Nanovaccines and nanochips are completely different things. Nanochips cannot be controlled with 5G.

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This false claim originated from: Nikita Mikhalkov and other celebreties

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