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2020/11/06 | Georgia

FALSE: World Health Organization used so-called Drosten tests as a basis for infection-indicators and announced pandemic right afterward. In reality, Drosten tests do not work and it shows false-positive results proof of which is Tanzanian president who tested Drosten tests on a goat, papaya, and engine oil and got positive test results.

Explanation: In reality, Christian Drosten is a successful German virologist who has previously worked on diagnostic tests for other viruses, and COVID-19 tests developed by him are distinguished by high accuracy. WHO has published a detailed report on the accuracy of the tests and noted that it was validated by three different laboratories. president of Tanzania John Magufuli was accused by health professionals of covering up the true infection rate. Magufuli also stated that he tested the goat, papaya, and quail, and questioned the reliability of tests following the positive results. There’s no other evidence apart from this statement to support it.

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This false claim originated from: Facebook

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