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First Amendment

For more than four decades, The Poynter Institute has been highly regarded as a global leader in journalism excellence, training more than 100,000 journalists worldwide last year alone.

Poynter teaches the value of accuracy and transparency. We teach ethical decision-making and leadership, critical in this time of rapid change. And, as the home of the International Fact-Checking Network, we’re at the center of the movement where journalists help the public know what’s true.

Poynter can teach fact-checking to more people, expand our work in media ethics and prepare journalists for the modern challenges they face in a time of rapid disruption and increased demand.

Together, we can ensure an informed electorate and a healthy democracy.

Please contact Wendy Wallace, director of advancement at Poynter,  at (727) 821-9494 for more information or for sponsorship opportunities. 



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