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The Poynter Institute is a global leader in journalism.

It is the world’s leading instructor, innovator, convener and resource for anyone who aspires to engage and inform citizens in 21st century democracies.

About Us

  • Poynter is a Thought Leader

    Poynter taps into the expertise and experience of media executives, journalists, technologists and academics to answer the biggest questions around the future of journalism and democracy. 

    With a special focus on Fact-Checking, Ethics, Leadership, Innovation and Storytelling, we bring together Poynter faculty and industry experts to explore the intersection of journalism, technology and the public interest.

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  • Our Teaching Transforms

    For more than 40 years, Poynter has had one goal: to make journalism better. From personalized coaching and hands-on seminars, to interactive, online courses, Poynter teaching is designed to sharpen your skills, elevate your career and ignite your imagination. Led by our faculty and the industry’s brightest minds and most accomplished journalists and educators, the Poynter experience connects you with skilled teachers and with other students of the craft.

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  • We Impact the Community

    Poynter programs help members of the community better understand the issues surrounding journalism and the people who produce it, with speakers ranging from pioneering broadcast journalist Judy Woodruff to Kai Ryssdal, the host and senior editor of Marketplace.

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  • The Poynter Newsroom

    Poynter's non-profit newsroom informs our teaching and serves as a leading source of news about the people, organizations, technology, trends and ideas shaping journalism and its vital role in democracy. Our reporters and contributors cover breaking news and bring understanding and insight to put industry issues in perspective.  

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  • Hear What Others Say

    Some call Poynter teaching truly transformative. Three testimonials:

    • “Our class changed my life. It gave me hope. It gave me confidence.”
    • “The place changed my life both professionally and personally. At Poynter you don’t simply learn the tools of your trade, you learn to sharpen them.”
    • “When I came to Poynter, I was thinking about leaving journalism. Now I believe I can do it. I’m staying.”


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  • Digital Tools for Journalism

    Tools make our journalism more powerful. They unleash our storytelling potential, unlock secrets in data, and help us share stories in new and compelling ways.

    As newsroom ranks and audience attention spans shrink, tools are indispensable. Lucky for us, more and better ones are released every day.

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Support Poynter

In a time of extraordinary news and accelerating transformation of the media industry, Poynter’s role in elevating journalism and the people it serves has never been more critical. Invest in the essential role of responsible journalism in a democracy. Your contribution to Poynter will:

  • Teach journalists the vital skills they need in a changing news landscape 
  • Provide e-learning for those who can’t attend Poynter workshops in person or who prefer to learn online 
  • Enable journalism educators to update their skills and lesson plans 
  • Develop training for newsroom professionals, educators and journalism entrepreneurs 
  • Enable Poynter to keep tuition low and provides scholarships for students and professionals who otherwise couldn’t afford Poynter teaching 
  • Support programs that serve our local Tampa Bay community, including Write Field, a writing program for middle school African-American and Hispanic boys 

    If Poynter has touched you, or if you believe in this mission, please make a contribution today.


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