April 27, 2004

On Friday night, ABC News’ “Nightline” will devote the entire half-hour broadcast to reading the names and showing the photographs of the hundreds of American servicemen and women who have died in the Iraq war.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group announced Thursday that the ABC affiliates it owns will not be airing the program.

Entitled “The Fallen,” the special “Nightline” broadcast will feature Ted Koppel reading over the photographs supplied by the website MilitaryCity.com

ABC News said it will simulcast the program, which it calls a “tribute,” live on its Jumbotron in New York City’s Times Square. ABC News Radio will also air excerpts of the program.  
ABC News Washington spokesperson Emily Lenzner said in a press release:

“Nightline” will show a photograph of each serviceman and woman in succession with their name, military branch, rank, and age, while Koppel reads their names aloud. Since the broadcast is only 30 minutes long, Friday’s broadcast is limited to showing just those “killed in action” in Iraq, as certified by the U.S. Department of Defense.
UPDATE: ABC has extended the “Nightline” broadcast to 40 minutes so that all of the 700-plus names of servicemen and women who died in Iraq can be read aloud.

In a press release, “Nightline” Executive Producer Leroy Sievers said:
Because of time constraints, we thought we only had time to read the names of those killed in what were considered “combat-related” situations. But the deaths of those in so-called “non-hostile” situations are no less worthy of honor, and ABC has now given us the additional time so that we can include all of those who have paid the ultimate price.
The program was Siever’s idea. I interviewed him by e-mail about it.

Q: What do you hope viewers will feel, know, learn by watching this program? 

Sievers: I hope that viewers will remember that behind the numbers of casualties, that each of the men and women who have been killed was an individual, with a name, a face, a family, and a life. It is too easy to not go beyond the numbers. Ted and I were embedded with the 3rd I.D. and we got to know many of the soldiers as individuals. It is too easy to see the helmet, the flak vest, and the uniform, and forget that these are all individuals. 

Q: What political statement might this program be making in showing the photos of the men and women who have died? Isn’t this an even more powerful extension of the “caskets photos” controversy that the Pentagon is concerned will turn opinion against the war?

Sievers: There is no political statement intended. This broadcast is intended to honor those who have been killed, period. Ted addressed the casket issue last Friday on “Nightline.” I think that is a separate issue. At his recent press conference, President Bush talked about how important it is to honor the sacrifice that these men and women have made. That’s all we’re trying to do. 

The New York Times reports: “Leroy Sievers, the executive producer of ‘Nightline,’ said in a telephone interview (Tuesday) … that his inspiration for the program was a June 1969 issue of Life, which presented photos of all the men killed during one week in Vietnam.”

Q: What production techniques will you use, knowing that any use of music, slow dissolves, and the tone of Ted’s voice will all be key to how people interpret this work? Will the program be pre-produced or live?

Sievers: The program has to be pre-produced, there is no way to read more than 500 names live and match the pictures, we don’t want to make any mistakes. There will be no music. We will be showing two pictures at one time on the screen, and they will change one at a time. I don’t know how people will interpret this, I don’t know if people will watch the whole broadcast or just a few seconds. But I hope they take some time to reflect on the price that these men and women have paid in our names. 

Q: What was Ted’s reaction to this idea when you raised it with him?  

Sievers: This came out of a brainstorming session, Ted was all for it, as was the management of ABC News.

Q: What images and thoughts stick in your mind as you watch these faces?

Sievers: Some of these pictures are from the military, graduation days, proud days. Others are graduation pictures or prom pictures. Usually they are all happy moments. What strikes me is that none of the men and women in these pictures, at that moment, probably ever thought that their lives would be cut short. I am struck by the ages, from 18 to late 40’s. I have seen 14 wars. My other thoughts I will keep private. 

Q: Now the question from the skeptical mind. Thursday is the beginning of the May Nielsen ratings book. The program airs on Friday. How do you answer people who wonder if this is a sweeps ploy?

Sievers: You may not believe this, but until you said this, I had no idea when sweeps start. At “Nightline,” as a daily news broadcast, we usually do not do any special projects for sweeps. Quite honestly, I don’t expect this broadcast to be a huge ratings hit, I think it will be difficult for people to watch. That’s not why we’re doing it. The timing issue was that we didn’t want to do it on Memorial Day, when most outlets do stories about the military. We didn’t want to wait, and this Friday was the first opportunity to do it.

Listed below are the servicemen and women who will be honored on Friday’s “Nightline.” The list is organized alphabetically by state and includes those whose names have been released by the Pentagon since March 19, 2003. Names released between now and Friday April 30, will be added to the broadcast.


MC LCPL Sims, John T. Jr. 21 Alexander City
A SPC Taylor, Christopher M. 25 Daphne
A SGT Jordan, Jason D. 24 Elba
A SGT Conneway, Timothy M. 22 Enterprise
A SPC Haight, Charles G. 23 Jacksonville
A SPC Cason, Ahmed A. 24 McCalla
A PFC Johnson, Howard II 21 Mobile
A CWO2 Johnson, Philip A. Jr. 31 Mobile
A SPC Hiller, Stephen D. 25 Opelika
A PFC Brown, John E. 21 Troy
A SGT Bell, Aubrey D. 33 Tuskegee
A PVT Prewitt, Kelley S. 24

A PVT Falaniko, Jonathan I., 20, Pago Pago

A PVT Falaniko, Jonathan I. 20 Pago Pago
A SPC Campoy, Isaac 21 Douglas
A CPT Paliwoda, Eric T. 28 Goodyear
A SSG Latham, William T. 29 Kingman
N LT White, Nathan D. 30 Mesa
MC SGT Padilla-Ramirez, Fernando 26 San Luis
A CSM Cooke, Eric F. 43 Scottsdale
A SPC Merila, Michael M. 23 Sierra Vista
A PFC Piestewa, Lori Ann 23 Tuba City
MC LCPL Zurheide, Robert P. Jr. 20 Tuscon
A SPC Karol, Spencer T. 20 Woodruff
MC LCPL Williams, Michael J. 31 Yuma

A SFC Labadie, William W. Jr. 45 Bauxite
A PFC Cheatham, Jonathan M. 19 Camden
A CPT Felder, Arthur L., 36, Lewisville
N HM3 Johnson, Michael Vann Jr. 25 Little Rock
A MSG Morehead, Kevin N. 33 Little Rock
MC PFC Smith, Brandon C. 20 Washington

N LT Jones-Huffman, Kyle A. 31 Aptos
MC PFC Ayon, Eric A. 26 Arleta
A PFC Mizener, Jesse D. 24 Auburn
A SSG Perry, David S. 36 Bakersfield
A SGT Haromarin, Atanacio 27 Baldwin Park
MC 1LT Palmer, Joshua M. 25 Banning
A SPC Mora, Jose L. 26 Bell Gardens
A PFC Acosta, Steven 19 Calexico
A SPC Clark, Arron R. 20 Chico
MC CPL Silva, Erik H. 22 Chula Vista
MC CPL Garibay, Jose A. 21 Costa Mesa
MC LCPL Shuder, Brad S. 21 El Dorado
MC CPT Gannon, Richard J. II 31 Escondido
MC LCPL Suarez Del Solar, Jesus 20 Escondido
A SPC Acosta, Genaro 26 Fair Oaks
MC LCPL Dang, Andrew S. 20 Foster City
MC CPL Layfield, Travis J. 19 Fremont
A SPC Ravago, Rel A. IV 21 Glendale
A SPC Chappell, Jason K. 22 Hemet
MC LCPL Cherry, Marcus M. 18 Imperial
MC CPL Gonzalez, Jesus A. 22 Indio
N LT Adams, Thomas M.  27 La Mesa
MC SSG Walker, Allan K. 28 Lancaster
A PFC Lau, Karina S. 20 Livingston
MC PFC Torres, George D. 23 Long Beach
MC CPL Gonzalez, Jorge A. 20 Los Angeles
MC LCPL Gutierrez, Jose 22 Los Angeles
A SFC Marshall, John W. 50 Los Angeles
MC PFC Martinez-Flores, Francisco A. 21 Los Angeles
A SSG Menyweather, Eddie E. 35 Los Angeles
A SSG Burdick, Richard A. 24 National City
A SGT Tainsh, Patrick S. 33 Oceanside
A SSG Bertolino, Stephen A. 40 Orange
MC SSG Harrell, William M. 30 Placentia
A SGT Mitchell, Michael W. 25 Porterville
A SGT Jenkins, Troy David 25 Ridgecrest
A 2LT Bryant, Todd J. 23 Riverside
A PVT Silva, Sean A. 23 Roseville
A CPL Grilley, Sean R. 24 San Bernardino
A SGT Miersandoval, Eliu A. 27 San Clemente
MC 1LT Jimenez, Oscar 34 San Diego
A SPC Ramirez, Eric U. 31 San Diego
MC CPL Rosacker, Randal Kent 21 San Diego
A SSG Velazquez, Paul A. 29 San Diego
MC GYSGT Menusa, Joseph 33 San Jose
MC LCPL Crowley, Kyle D. 18 San Ramon
A PFC Brattain, Joel K. 21 Santa Ana
A SPC Nakamura, Paul T. 21 Santa Fe Springs
A SPC Diraimondo, Michael A. 22 Simi Valley
MC CPL Gibson, Christopher A., 23, Simi Valley
MC LCPL O’Day, Patrick T. 20 Sonoma
A MAJ Taylor, Mark D. 41 Stockton
A SGT Wood, Brian M. 21 Torrance
A SPC Sheehan, Casey 24 Vacaville
MC SGT Bitz, Michael E. 31 Ventura
A SPC Hill, Christopher K. 26 Ventura
MC LCPL Wiscowiche, William J. 20 Victorville
A CPL Ashcraft, Evan Asa 24 West Hills
A SSG Rosaleslomeli, Victor A. 29 Westminster
A SFC Bolor, Kelly 37 Whittier
A SGT Hancock, Michael S. 29 Yreka
A SPC Chris, Andrew F. 25
A CWO4 Smith, Eric A. 41

A SGT Broomhead, Thomas F. 34 Cannon City
MC PFC Phelps, Chance R. 19 Clifton
A SSG Bader, Daniel A. 28 Colorado Springs
A SSG Lawton, Mark A. 41 Hayden
A SFC Rehn, Randall S. 36 Longmont
MC LCPL Slocum, Thomas J. 22 Thornton
A CPT Rippetoe, Russell B. 27

A SPC Felder, Tyanna S. 22 Bridgeport
MC SSG Jordan, Phillip A. 42 Enfield
A PFC Perez, Wilfredo Jr. 24 Norwalk
A SGT Delgreco, Felix M. 22 Simsbury
A PFC Dagostino, Anthony D. 20 Waterbury
MC CPL Chanawongse, Kemaphoom A. 22 Waterford

A SPC Dent, Darryl T., 21, Washington

MC LCPL Roberts, Anthony P., 18, Bear
A SPC Long, Ryan P., 21, Seaford
MC SGT McGinness, Brian, 23, St. Georges

MC PFC Cobb, Christopher R. 19 Bradenton
MC LCPL Buesing, Brian Rory 20 Cedar Key
A SSG Jones, Raymond E. Jr. 31 Gainesville
A SPC Wershow, Jeffrey M. 22 Gainseville
A CWO2 Weaver, Aaron A. 32 Inverness
A SGT Hartman, Jonathan N. 27 Jacksonville
A SGT Randle, Edmond L. 26 Miami
A SSG Shanaberger, Wentz J.H. III 33 Naples
MC LCPL Aviles, Andrew Julian 18 Palm Beach
A SPC Woodliff, Michael R. 22 Port Charlotte
A PFC Orr, Cody J. 21 Ruskin
A SPC Wise, Robert A. 21 Tallahassee
A SSG Quinn, Michael B. 37 Tampa
A SFC Smith, Paul R. 33 Tampa
A CWO2 Manuel, Ian D. 23

A PFC Strange, William R. 19 Adrian
A SPC Johnson, Nathaniel H. 22 Augusta
A SSG Crockett, Ricky L. 37 Broxton
A SPC Holland, Christopher J. 26 Brunswick
A PFC Rincon, Diego Fernando 19 Conyers
A PFC Weldon, Michael R.C. 20 Conyers
AF A1C Holt, Antoine J. 20 Kennesaw
A SSG Franklin, Bobby C. 38 Mineral Bluff
A SPC Edgerton, Marshall L. 27 Rocky Face
A SPC Johnson, Justin W. 22 Rome
A SPC Addison, Jamaal R. 22 Roswell
A SGT Crockett, Michael T. 27 Soperton
A CSM Wilson, Jerry L. 45 Thomson

AF MAJ Stone, Gregory 40 Boise
A PFC Petty, Jerrick M. 25 Idaho Falls
A CPL Carl, Richard P. 26 King Hill
A PFC Raney, Cleston C. 20 Rupert

A CPL Jostes, Forest J. 22 Albion
A PFC Goodrich, Gregory R. 37 Bartonville
A PFC Edwards, Shawn C., 20, Bensenville
A SGT Phipps, Ivory L. 44 Chicago
MC 1SGT Smith, Edward 38 Chicago
A SPC Sullivan, John R. 26 Countryside
MC LCPL Frank, Phillip E. 20 Elk Grove
A SPC Dusenbery, William D. 30 Fairview Heights
A 1LT Slavenas, Brian D. 30 Genoa
MC PFC Morris, Geoffrey S. 19 Gurnee
MC CPL James, Evan T. 20 La Harpe
A SPC Singh, Uday 21 Lake Forest
A SPC Carlock, Ryan G. 25 Macomb
MC PVT Gifford, Jonathan L. 30 Macon
A SSG Hollinsaid, Lincoln D. 27 Malden
MC LCPL Gray, Torrey L. 19 Patoka
A SPC Rowe, Brandon J. 20 Roscoe
A SSG Sutter, Michael J. 28 Tinley Park

A SPC Keith, Chad L. 21 Batesville
MC CPT Beaupre, Ryan Anthony 30 Bloomington
A PFC Hudson, Christopher E. 21 Carmel
A SPC Penisten, Brian H. 28 Fort Wayne
A SSG Miller, Frederick L. 27 Hagerstown
MC SGT Rios, Duane R. 25 Hammond
A SPC Sanders, Gregory P. 19 Hobart
MC PFC Hallal, Deryk L. 24 Indianapolis
A PVT Halling, Jesse M. 19 Indianapolis
A SGT Black, Jarrod W. 26 Peru
A PVT Pahnke, Shawn D. 25 Shelbyville
A PFC Amos, John D. II 22 Valparaiso
MC LCPL Fribley, David K. 26 Warsaw
A SPC Frist, Luke P. 20 West Lafayette

A SGT Fisher, Paul F. 39 Cedar Rapids
MC SGT Korthaus, Bradley S. 28 Davenport
MC CPL Speer, Michael R. 24 Davenport
A PVT Frosheiser, Kurt R. 22 Des Moines
A PVT Deutsch, Michael J. 21 Dubuque
MC PFC Carman, Benjamin R. 20 Jefferson
MC GYSGT Bohr, Jeffrey E. 39 Ossian
A SPC Knowles, Joshua L. 23 Sheffield
A SPC Sissel, Aaron J. 22 Tipton
A CWO4 Smith, Bruce A. 41 West Liberty

A CPL Cabralbanuelos, Juan C. 25 Emporia
MC LCPL Wasser, Christopher B. 21 Ottawa
A SPC Lister, Joseph L. 22 Pleasanton
A SPC Thomas, Kyle G. 23 Topeka
A SGT Butler, Jacob L. 24 Wellsville

A 1LT Henderson, Robert L. II 33 Alvaton KY
A 2LT Graham, Jeffrey C. 24 Elizabethtown KY
A SGT Acklin, Michael D. II 25 Louisville KY
A SSG Rentschler, George S. 31 Louisville KY
A SPC Powell, James E. 26 Radcliff KY
MC CPL Dieruf, Nicholas J. 21 Versailles KY
A SFC Hoffman, James T. 41 Whitesburg KY

A SSG Mallet, Toby W. 26 Kaplan
A SGT Williams, Taft V. 29 New Orleans
A SSG Davis, Craig 37 Opelousas
A SPC Holmes, Jeremiah J. 27 North Berwick
MC MAJ Aubin, Jay Thomas 36 Waterville

A CSM Gilmore, Cornell W. 45 Baltimore
MC SSG Waters-Bey, Kendall Damon 29 Baltimore
A SPC Ford, Jason C. 21 Bowie
A PVT Davis, Brandon L. 20 Cumberland
A SGT Walker, Jeffrey C. 33 Havre de Grace
A SPC Mitchell, George A. 35 Rawlings
A PFC Hart, John D. 20 Bedford
A CWO3 Kennedy, Kyran E. 43 Boston
A SGT Londono, Daniel J. 22 Boston
A SPC Boule, Mathew G. 22 Dracut
A SPC Palacios, Gabriel T. 22 Lynn
MC CPL Vicente, David M. 25 Methuen
A SSG Camara, Joseph 40 New Bedford
MC 1LT McPhillips, Brian M. 25 Pembroke
MC LCPL Burgess, Jeffrey C. 20 Plymouth
MC CPT Sammis, Benjamin W. 29 Rehobeth
A SPC Enos, Peter G. 24 South Dartmouth
A SGT Garvey, Justin W. 23 Townsend
A SSG Bellavia, Joseph P. 28 Wakefield

A SSG Christensen, Thomas W. 42 Atlantic Mine
A PFC Heidelberg, Damian L. 21 Batesville
A SSG Johnson, Paul J. 29 Calumet
A SGT Blumberg, Trevor A. 22 Canton
AF SSG Sather, Scott D. 29 Clio
A SPC Wheeler, Donald L. 22 Concord
A SSG Wilson, Joe N. 30 Crystal Springs
A SPC Brassfield, Artimus D. 22 Flint
A SGT Pedersen, Michael F. 26 Flint
A SPC Trevithick, Richard K. 20 Gaines
A SSG Hattamer, Stephen C. 43 Gwinn
A SPC Chance, James A. III 25 Kokomo
A PFC Wright, Jason G. 19 Luzerne
A SGT Robbins, Todd J. 33 Pentwater
A SSG Ferrin, Clint D. 31 Picayune
A SSG Vasquez, Mark D. 35 Port Huron
A PFC Meyer, Jason M.  23 Swartz Creek
A PFC McGeogh, Holly J. 19 Taylor
MC PFC Garza, Juan Guadalupe Jr. 20 Temperance
A SPC Digiovanni, Jeremiah J. 21 Tylertown
MC CPL Fey, Tyler R. 22 Eden Prairie
A SSG Hellerman, Brian R. 35 Freeport
MC PFC Langhorst, Moises A. 19 Moose Lake
A SSG Panchot, Dale A. 26 Northome
MC LCPL Angell, Levi T. 20 Saint Louis
A PFC Herrgott, Edward J. 20 Shakopee

MC PFC Mabry, Christopher D. 19 Chunky
MC 2LT Childers, Therrel S. 30 Harrison
A SPC Brown, Larry K. 22 Jackson
A CPL Brown, Henry L. 22 Natchez
A SPC Davis, Raphael S. 24 Tutwiler

A SPC Barnes, Jonathan P. 21 Anderson
A SSG Huggins, Jamie L. 26 Hume
A SPC Bertoldie, Joel L. 20 Independence
A SGT Walters, Donald R. 33 Kansas City
A SFC Gottfried, Richard S. 42 Lake Ozark
A CPT Smith, Benedict J. 29 Monroe City

A 1LT Saltz, Edward M., 27, Bigfork

MC PVT Boye, Noah L. 21 Grand Island
A SGT Mracek, Cory R. 26 Hay Springs
A SSG Swisher, Christopher W. 26 Lincoln
MC CPT Ford, Travis A. 30 Ogallala
A SPC Wolf, James R. 21 Scottsbluff
A SPC Morgan, Dennis B. 22 Valentine

MC LCPL Cline, Donald J., 21, Sparks
MC 2LT Pokorney, Frederick E. Jr., 31, Tonopah
A CPT Byers, Joshua T., 29

A SGT Rosenberg, Randy S., 23, Berlin

A SPC Seiden, Mark A. 26 Brigantine
A SPC Baker, Ryan T. 24 Brown Mills
A 2LT Dvorin, Seth J. 24 East Brunswick
A SPC Hunt, Simeon 23 Essex
A SPC Jackson, Marlon P. 25 Jresey City
A SFC Philippe, Gladimir 37 Linden
MC 2LT Wroblewski, John T. 25 Oak Ridge
A SPC Froehlich, Adam D. 21 Pine Hill
A SPC Curtin, Michael Edward 23 South Plains
A SSG Hemingway, Terry W. 39 Willingboro

MC PFC Ramos, Christopher, 26, Albuquerque
A SGT Todacheene, Lee D., 29, Farmington
A SPC Pirtle, James H., 27, La Mesa

A PFC Fletcher, Jacob S. 28 Bayshore
A PFC Heighter, Raheen Tyson 22 Bayshore
A PFC Moreno, Luis A. 19 Bronx
A PFC Johnson, Rayshawn S. 20 Brooklyn
MC PFC Burkett, Tamario D. 21 Buffalo
A PFC Bush, Charles E. Jr. 43 Buffalo
A SPC McKeever, David M. 25 Buffalo
A SPC Williams, Michael L. 46 Buffalo
A SGT McMillin, Heath A. 29 Canandaigua
A SPC Ling, Roger G. 20 Douglaston
A SSG Robsky, Joseph E. Jr. 31 Elizaville
A PFC Huxley, Gregory P. 19 Forestport
A SGT Friedrich, David T. 26 Hammond
MC CPL Kolm, Kevin T. 23 Hicksville
A SGT Williams, Eugene 24 Highland
A SPC Medina, Irving 22 Middletown
N PO1 Pernaselli, Michael, 27, Monroe
MC CPL Gooden, Bernard G. 22 Mt. Vernon
MC SSG Tejeda, Riayan A. 26 New York
A CPT Wood, George A. 33 New York
A SSG Kimmerly, Kevin C. 31 North Creek
MC CPL Rodriguez, Robert M. 21 Queens
CG PO3 Bruckenthal, Nathan B. 24 Smithtown
A PFC Brown, Nathan P. 21 South Glens Falls
A SPC Nieves, Isaac Michael 20 Unadilla

A SPC Brown, Lunsford B. II 27 Creedmore
A PVT Guerrera, Joseph R. 20 Dunn
A SFC Miller, Marvin L. 38 Dunn
A LTC Buehring, Charles H. 40 Fayetteville
A SGT Rose, Scott C. 30 Fayetteville
A SGT Krause, Elmer C., 40, Grensboro
A SGT Parson, David B. 30 Kannapolis
A PFC Whitener, Joey D. 19 Nebo
A CPL Bibby, Mark A. 25 Watha
A SPC Carrasquillo, Jocelyn L. 28 Wrightsville Beach

A SSG Hendrickson, Kenneth W. 41 Bismarck
A SPC Fettig, Jon P. 30 Dickinson
A SGT Smette, Keith L. 25 Fargo
A PFC Hawk Eagle, Sheldon R. 21 Grand Forks

A SSG Ramey, Richard P. 27 Canton
A MSG Dowdy, Robert J. 38 Cleveland
A PVT Sloan, Brandon U. 19 Cleveland
A PFC Ott, Kevin C. 27 Columbus
A CWO3 Van Dusen, Brian K. 39 Columbus
A PFC Rockhold, Marlin T. 23 Hamilton
MC LCPL Smith, Michael J. Jr. 21 Jefferson
A SPC Vandayburg, Allen J. 20 Mansfield
A SPC Christian, Brett J. 27 North Royalton
A PFC Neighbor, Gavin L. 20 Somerset
MC CPL Brownfield, Andrew D. 24 Summit
A SSG Landrus, Sean G. 31 Thompson
A SGT Biskie, Benjamin W. 27 Vermillion
A SPC Conover, Steven D. 21 Wilmington
A PFC Oberleitner, Branden F. 20 Worthington
A SSG Kinney, Lester O. II 27 Zanesville

A 2LT James, Luke S. 24 Hooker
A SGT White, Steven W. 29 Lawton
A CWO2 Colton, Lawrence S. 32 Oklahoma City
A SGT Pennanen, Ross A. 36 Shawnee
MC LCPL Blair, Thomas A. 24 Wagoner

A SGT Moothart, Travis A. 23 Brownesville
A SPC Rogers, Philip G. 23 Gresham
A WO Kesterson, Erik C. 29 Independence
MC LCPL VanLeuven, Gary F. 20 Klamath Falls
A SSG Stever, Robert A. 36 Pendleton
A PFC Ramirez, William C. 19 Portland
MC CPT Contreras, Aaron J. 31 Sherwood

MC LCPL Barr, Aric J. 22 Allegheny
A SSG Booker, Stevon A. 34 Apollo
A SSG Voelz, Kimberly A. 27 Carlisle
A PFC Brown, Timmy R. Jr. 21 Conway
A CPT Seifert, Christopher S. 27 Easton
A SGT Bucklew, Ernest G. 33 Enon Valley
A SPC Oaks, Donald S. Jr. 20 Erie
A SPC Golby, Christopher A. 26 Johnstown
A SPC Johnson, Maurice J. 21 Levittown
A SSG Cutchall, Christopher E. 30 McConnellsburg
A SGT Hayslett, Timothy L. 26 Newville
A SPC Kephart, Jonathan R. 21 Oil City
A 1LT Bernstein, David R. 24 Phoenixville
A SPC Navea, Rafael L. 34 Pittsburgh
A SGT Tomko, Nicholas A. 24 Pittsburgh
A SGT Minucci, Joseph II 23 Richeyville
A SPC Sandri, Matthew J. 24 Shamokin
A SPC Sturges, William R. Jr. 24 Spring Church
A CPT Aitken, Tristan N. 31 State College
A SPC Hull, Eric R. 23 Uniontown
A SPC Maher, William J. III 35 Yardley
A SPC Mitchell, Sean R. 24 Youngsville

A SFC Rivera, Jose A. 34 Bayamon
A SPC Torres, Ramon Reyes 29 Caguas
A SPC Vega, Frances M. 20 Fort Buchanan
A SGT Martinez, Francisco 28 Humacao
N PO3 Mendezaceves, Fernando A. 27 Ponce
A SGT Perez, Joel 25 Rio Grande
A SPC Orengo, Richard P. 32

A SGT Belanger, Gregory A. 24 Narragansett
A CPT August, Matthew J. 28 North Kingstown
A SGT Caldwell, Charles T. 38 North Providence
MC LCPL Serio, Matthew K. 21 North Providence

A SPC Smith, Orenthial J. 21 Allendale
A SGT Buggs, George E. 31 Barnwell
MC PVT Hutchings, Nolen R. 19 Boiling Springs
A PSC Jennings, Darius T. 22 Cordova
A CPT Hampton, Kimberly N. 27 Easley
AF SSG Griffin, Patrick Lee Jr. 31 Elgin
A SSG Neff, Paul N. II 30 Fort Mill
A SGM Stack, Michael B. 48 Lake City
A SGT Thompson, Anthony O. 26 Orangeburg

A CWO2 Gukeisen, Hans N., 31, Lead
A PFC Deuel, Michael R., 21, Nemo
A CPT Soelzer, Christopher F., 26, Sturgis
A CWO2 Saboe, Scott A., 33, Willow Lake

A SGT Rowe, Roger D. 54 Bon Aqua
A CWO2 Coulter, Alexander S. 35 Bristol
A 2LT Torres, Richard 25 Clarksville
A SPC Foley, Thomas A. III 23 Dresden
A SFC Hicks, Gregory B. 35 Duff
N PO1 Watts, Christopher E., 28, Knoxville
MC CPT Morel, Brent L. 27 Martin
A SSG Kennon, Morgan D. 23 Memphis
A SSG McMahan, Don S. 31 Nashville
MC LCPL Nixon, Patrick R. 21 Nashville
A LTC Orlando, Kim S. 43 Nashville
A SFC Bennett, William M. 35 Seymour

A 1LT Hufstedler, Doyle M. 25 Abilene
AF CPT Das, Eric B. 30 Amarillo
A CWO2 Mata, Johnny Villareal 35 Amarillo
A SSG Dunigan, Joe L. Jr. 37 Belton
A SGT Methvin, Daniel K. 22 Belton
A SPC Anguiano, Edward J. 24 Brownsville
A PFC Parker, James D. 20 Bryan
A SPC Polley, Larry E. Jr. 20 Center
A SPC Kiehl, James M. 22 Comfort
A SSG Perez, Hector R. 40 Corpus Christi
MC PFC Sekula, Dustin M. 18 Edinburg
A PVT Estrella-Soto, Ruben 18 El Paso
A MSG Fernandez, George A. 36 El Paso
A SGT Rico, Ariel 25 El Paso
A PFC Dervishi, Ervin 21 Fort Worth
A MSG Hornbeck, Kelly L. 36 Fort Worth
MC CPL Medellin, Jesus Martin Antonio 21 Fort Worth
A SPC Arriaga, Richard 20 Ganado
A CWO2 Jamar, Scott 32 Granbury
A SSG Collins, Gary L. 32 Hardin
A SPC Carballo, Adolf C. 20 Houston
A PFC Gutierrez, Analaura Esparza 21 Houston
MC CPL Kennedy, Brian Matthew 25 Houston
A SPC Larson, Scott Q. 22 Houston
A SGT Moss, Keelan L. 23 Houston
MC PFC Sandoval, Leroy Jr. 21 Houston
A CPL Soleto, Tomas Jr. 20 Houston
A 2LT Rozier, Jonathan D. 25 Katy
A PFC Wyatt, Stephen E. 19 Kilgore
A PVT Cuervo, Rey D. 24 Laguna Vista
A PFC Hutchinson, Ray J. 20 League City
A PFC Moore, Stuart W. 21 Livingston
A SPC Garza, Israel 25 Lubbock
MC PFC Morris, Ricky A. Jr. 20 Lubbock
A SGT Ramirez, Christopher 34 McAllen
A SPC Wright, James C. 27 Morgan
MC CPL Amaya, Daniel R. 22 Odessa
MC LCPL Goldman, Shane L. 20 Orange
A SGT Russell, John W. 26 Portland
A SGT Eckhart, William C. 25 Rocksprings
A SPC Arsiaga, Robert R. 25 San Antonio
A CPT Blanco, Ernesto M. 28 San Antonio
A PVT Frantz, Robert L. 19 San Antonio
A SPC Karr, Michael G. 23 San Antonio
A PFC Miller, Anthony S. 19 San Antonio
A SPC Norquist, Joseph C. 26 San Antonio
A SPC Perez, Jose A. III 22 San Diego
MC LCPL Valdez, Ruben Jr. 21 San Diego
MC CPL Matula, Matthew E. 20 Spicewood
MC LCPL Wafford, Michael B. 20 Spring
A PFC Henson, Clayton W. 20 Stanton
A SGT Moreno, Gerardo 23 Terrell
MC LCPL Torrez, Elias III 21 Veribest
A SGT Barrera, Michael Paul 26 Von Ormy
A CWO3 Fortenberry, Wesley C. 38 Woodville

MC SSG Cawley, James W. 41 Roy
A SSG Livaudais, Nino D. 23

A CWO4 Halvorsen, Eric A. 40 Bennington
A PVT Gilbert, Kyle C. 20 Brattleboro
MC CPL Evnin, Mark A.  21 Burlington
A SPC Bangayan, Solomon C. 24 Jay
A CPT Piche, Pierre E. 29 Starksboro

A CSM Blankenbecler, James D. 40 Alexandria
A CWO4 Swartworth, Sharon T. 43 Alexandria
A 2LT Kaylor, Jeffrey J. 24 Clifton
A 1LT Hurley, Joshua C. 24 Clifton Forge
AF MAJ Watkins, William R. III 37 Danville
A CPT Teal, John R. 31 Mechanicsville
A SGT Dooley, Michael E. 23 Pulaski
MC SGT May, Donald C. Jr. 31 Richmond
A CPT Adamouski, James F. 29 Springfield
MC SGT Lalush, Michael V. 23 Troutville
MC LCPL Owens, David Edward 20 Winchester

A SPC Hebert, Justin W. 20 Arlington
A 2LT Colgan, Benjamin J. 30 Kent
A PFC Scott, Kerry D. 21 Mount Vernon

A PFC Hafer, Richard W. 21 Cross Lanes

A SPC Uhl, Eugene A. III 21 Amherst
MC CPL Thiry, Jesse L. 23 Casco
A SGT Hansen, Warren S. 36 Clintonville
A CPT Kurth, John F. 31 Columbus
A PFC Hoyer, Bert E. 23 Ellsworth
A PFC Frye, Nichole M. 19 Lena
A 2LT Wolfe, Jeremy L. 27 Menomonie
A SPC McGlothin, Michael A. 21 Milwaukee
A SPC Wittmer, Michelle M. 20 New Berlin
MC PFC Jerabek, Ryan M. 18 Oneida
A MAJ Splinter, Christopher J. 43 Platteville
A SFC Gabrielson, Dan H. 39 Spooner
A PFC Bosveld, Rachel K. 19 Waupun
A MAJ Schram, Mathew E. 36

A CPT Lucero, Robert L. 34 Casper
MC SGT Reiss, Brendan C. 23 Casper
A 1LT Nott, Leif E. 24 Cheyenne


USAF Sgt Bruce Brown, Age 32, Coatopa, AL
Army PFC Paul Bueche, Age 19, Daphne, AL
Army CWO Brian Hazelgrove, Age 29, Fort Rucker, AL
Army Sgt Christopher Willoughby, Age 29, Phenix City, AL
USMC CWO Robert Channell Jr, Age 36, Tuscaloosa, AL
Army Spc Cedric Lennon, Age 32, West Blocton, AL

Army Spc Farao Letufuga, Age 20, Pago Pago, AS

Army Capt Gussie Jones, Age 41, Raleigh, AR

Army Spc Alyssa Peterson, Age 27, Flagstaff, AZ
Navy Seaman Joshua McIntosh, Age 22, Kingman, AZ
Army Sgt Elijah Tai Wah Wong, Age 42, Mesa, AZ
Army CWO Matthew Laskowski, Age 32, Phoenix, AZ
Navy Petty Ofc David Sisung, Age 21, Phoenix, AZ
Army Sgt Sean Cataudella, Age 28, Tuscon, AZ


Army PFC Leroy Harris-Kelly, Age 20, Azusa, CA
USMC Cpl Douglas Marencoreyes, Age 28, Chino, CA
Army Sgt Keicia Hines, Age 27, Citrus Heights, CA
Army Lt Osbaldo Orozco, Age 26, Delano, CA
Army PFC Jose Casanova, Age 23, El Monte, CA
USMC Capt Andrew LaMont, Age 31, Eureka, CA
Army Spc Justin Pollard, Age 21, Foothill Ranch, CA
Army Pfc Pablo Manzano, Age 19, Heber, CA
Army PFC Daniel Parker, Age 18, Lake Elsinore, CA
Army Lt Michael Vega, Age 41, Lathrop, CA
Army CWO Christopher Nason, Age 39, Los Angeles, CA
USMC Lance Cpl  Jason Tetrault, Age 20, Moreno Valley, CA
USMC PFC Jose Rodriguez, Age 19, Norwalk, CA
Army Pvt Devon Jones, Age 19, San Diego, CA
Army Spc Michael Mihalakis, Age 18, San Jose, CA
USMC Lance Cpl Jason Moore, Age 21, San Marcos, CA
USMC Lance Cpl  Cory Geurin, Age 18, Santee, CA
Army Sgt Steven Bridges, Age 33, Tracy, CA
USAF MSgt Jude Mariano, Age 39, Vallejo, CA
USMC Sgt Jimmy Arroyave, Age 30, Woodland, CA

Army Sgt Barry Sanford Sr, Age 46, Aurora, CO
Army Sgt Michael Yashinski, Age 24, Monument, CO

Army Sgt Richard Eaton Jr, Age 37, Guilford, CT
Army PFC Jeffrey Braun, Age 19, Stafford, CT

Army Spc Jarrett Thompson, Age 27, Dover, DE 

Army Lt Col Paul Kimbrough, Age 44, Washington, DC
USMC Lance Cpl Gregory MacDonald, Age 29, Washington, DC

USMC Cpl Armando Gonzalez, Age 25, Hialeah, FL
Army Sgt Keman Mitchell, Age 24, Hilliard, FL
Army PFC Charles Sims, Age 18, Miami, FL
Army Spc Tracy Laramore, Age 30, Okaloosa, FL
Army Sgt Wilbert Davis, Age 40, Tampa, FL
Army Cpl John Rivero, Age 23, Tampa, FL
Army Spc Robert Roberts, Age 21, Winter Park, FL

Army Sgt William Normandy, Age 42, Augusta, GA
Army MSgt Thomas Thigpen Sr, Age 52, Augusta, GA
Army Spc Marvin Camposiles, Age 25, Austell, GA
Army Spc David Nutt, Age 32, Blackshear, GA
Army Capt Edward Korn, Age 31, Savannah, GA
Army Spc John Klinesmith Jr, Age 25, Stockbridge, GA
Army Pvt Benjamin Freeman, Age 19, Valdosta, GA
Army Sgt Nathaniel Hart Jr, Age 29, Valdosta, GA

Army Sgt Cameron Sarno, Age 43, Waipahu, HI

Army Capt James Shull, Age 32, Kamiah, ID

USMC Lt Timothy Ryan, Age 30, Aurora, IL
Army PFC Brandon Ramsey, Age 21, Calumet City, IL
Army Pvt Matthew Bush, Age 20, East Alton, IL
USMC Lance Cpl Nicholas Kleiboeker, Age 19, Irvington, IL
Army Sgt Andrew Pokorny, Age 30, Naperville, IL
Army PFC Christopher Sisson, Age 20, Oak Park, IL
USMC Lance Cpl Jakub Kowalik, Age 21, Schaumberg, IL
Army Pvt Scott Tyrrell, Age 21, Sterling, IL
Army Spc Corey Hubbell, Age 20, Urbana, IL

USMC Lance Cpl Matthew Smith, Age 20, Anderson, IN
Army Sgt Craig Boling, Age 38, Elkhart, IN
Army Spc William Jeffries, Age 39, Evansville, IN
Army Pvt Robert McKinley, Age 23, Kokomo, IN
Army Spc Ronald Allen Jr, Age 22, Mitchell, IN
Army Cpl Darrell Smith, Age 28, Otwell, IN
Army Spc Roy Buckley, Age 24, Portage, IN

Army PFC David Kirchhoff, Age 31, Cedar Rapids, IA
Army Pvt Kenneth Nalley, Age 19, Hamburg, IA

USMC PFC Ryan Cox, Age 19, Derby, KS
Army Spc Dustin McGaugh, Age 20, Derby, KS
Army Pvt Dustin Kreider, Age 19, Riverton, KS

Army Sgt Darrin Potter, Age 24, Louisville, KY
Army Cpl Gary Coleman, Age 24, Pikeville, KY

Army PFC Wilfred Bellard, Age 20, Lake Charles, LA
Army Sgt Floyd Knighten Jr, Age 55, Olla, LA
Army Spc Levi Kinchen, Age 21, Tickfaw, LA

Army Spc Daniel Cunningham, Age 33, Lewiston, ME

Army Lt Adam Mooney, Age 28, Cambridge, MD
USMC Cpl Jason Mileo, Age 20, Centreville, MD
Army Pvt Bryan Spry, Age 19, Chestertown, MD

USMC Sgt Jonathan Lambert, Age 28, Newsite, MA
Army CWO Stephen Wells, Age 29, North Egremont, MA
Army Sgt Glenn Allison, Age 24, Pittsfield, MA

Army Sgt Sean Reynolds, Age 25, East Lansing, MI
Army Sgt Brett Petriken, Age 30, Flint, MI
Army Capt Paul Cassidy, Age 36, Laingsburg, MI
Army Spc Richard Goward, Age 32, Midland, MI
USMC MSgt William Payne, Age 46, Otsego, MI
USMC Maj Kevin Nave, Age 36, Union Lake, MI
Army PFC Damian Bushart, Age 22, Waterford, MI

Army CWO Patrick Dorff, Age 32, Elk River, MN
USMC PFC Matthew Milczark, Age 18, Kettle River, MN

Army Sgt Travis Burkhardt, Age 26, Edina, MO
Army CWO Michael Blaise, Age 29, Macon, MO
Army Spc Joshua Neusche, Age 20, Montreal, MO
Army PFC Jeremiah Smith, Age 25, Odessa, MO
USMC Sgt Nicolas Hodson, Age 22, Smithville, MO
Army PFC Jesse Givens, Age 34, Springfield, MO

Army Sgt Kenneth Bradley, Age 39, Utica, MS

Army Sgt Dennis Corral, Age 33, Kearney, NE
Army Spc Nathaniel Caldwell, Age 27, Omaha, NE

Army MSgt Richard Ferguson, Age 45, Conway, NH
Army Sgt Robert Rooney, Age 43, Nashua, NH

Army Spc Kyle Griffin, Age 20, Emerson, NJ
Army Spc Narson Sullivan, Age 21, North Brunswick, NJ
Army PFC Bruce Miller Jr, Age 23, Orange, NJ
Army Spc Gil Mercado, Age 25, Paterson, NJ

Army Sgt Linda Jimenez, Age 39, Brooklyn, NY
Army Spc Rasheed Sahib, Age 22, Brooklyn, NY
Army Pvt David Evans Jr, Age 18, Buffalo, NY
USMC Lance Cpl Eric Orlowski, Age 26, Buffalo, NY
Army Spc Doron Chan, Age 20, Highland, NY
USMC MSgt Timothy Toney, Age 37, New York, NY
Army Sgt Thomas Robbins, Age 27, Schenectady, NY

Army Sgt Michael Tosto, Age 24, Apex, NC
USMC Lance Cpl Brian Anderson, Age 26, Durham, NC
Army Sgt Roderic Solomon, Age 32, Fayetteville, NC
Army Sgt Leonard Simmons, Age 33, New Bern, NC
Army Spc James Lambert III, Age 22, Raleigh, NC
USMC Lance Cpl Alan Lam, Age 19, Snow Camp, NC
Army Sgt Henry Bacon, Age 45, Wagram, NC

Army Spc Thomas Sweet II, Age 23, Bismarck, ND

Army Spc Todd Bates, Age 20, Bellaire, OH
Army PFC Kenneth Souslin, Age 21, Mansfield, OH
Army Lt Col Dominic Baragona, Age 42, Niles, OH
USMC PFC Christian Gurtner, Age 19, Ohio City, OH
Army Sgt Aaron Reese, Age 31, Reynoldsburg, OH
Army Spc Stephen Scott, Age 21, Union, OH

USAF MSgt David Scott, Age 51, Lawton, OK
Navy Petty Ofc Doyle Bollinger Jr, Age 21, Poteau, OK
USMC Sgt Aaron White, Age 27, Shawnee, OK
Army Pvt Jason Ward, Age 25, Tulsa, OK

Army Spc Joseph Blickenstaff, Age 23, Corvallis, OR
Army Spc Nathan Nakis, Age 19, Corvallis, OR
USMC Cpl Travis Bradachnall, Age 21, Multnomah Co., OR
Army Spc Brandon Tobler, Age 19, Portland, OR
Army Spc Christopher Wesley, Age 26, Portland, OR

Army Spc Clint Matthews, Age 31, Bedford, PA
Army Sgt Christopher Coffin, Age 51, Bethlehem, PA
Army PFC Corey Small, Age 20, East Berlin, PA
Army Sgt Andrew Baddick, Age 26, Jim Thorpe, PA
USMC Lance Cpl Joseph Maglione, Age 22, Lansdale, PA
Army Sgt Edward Carmen, Age 27, McKeesport, PA
Army Spc Zachariah Long, Age 20 Milton, PA
Army Spc Edward Brabazon, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
Army Capt Brian Faunce, Age 28, Philadelphia, PA
Army Spc Douglas Weismantle, Age 28, Pittsburgh, PA
Army Sgt Jaror Puello-Coronado, Age 36, Pocono Summit, PA
Army Spc Craig Ivory, Age 26, Port Matilda, PA
Army Lt Col Anthony Sherman, Age 43, Pottstown, PA
Army Spc Tamarra Ramos, Age 24, Quakerstown, PA
Army Spc Michael Gleason, Age 25, Warren, PA

Army Sgt Juan Serrano, Age 31, Manati, PR

Army Spc Michael Andrade, Age 28, Bristol, RI

Army Pvt Algernon Adams, Age 36, Aiken, SC
Army PFC Vorn Mack, Age 19, Orangeburg, SC
Army PFC Michael Adams, Age 20, Spartanburg, SC
Army Spc Rian Ferguson, Age 22, Taylors, SC

Army Sgt Cory Brooks, Age 32, Philip, SD

Army Sgt Kenneth Harris Jr, Age 23, Charlotte, TN
Army Sgt David Loyd, Age 44, Jackson, TN
Army Sgt Nathan Bailey, Age 46, Nashville, TN

Army PFC Jason Ludlam, Age 22, Arlington, TX
Army Sgt Henry Ybarra III, Age 32, Austin, TX
Army Spc Zeferino Colunga, Age 20, Bellville, TX
USMC PFC Chad Bales, Age 20, Coahoma, TX
Army Spc  Christian Schulz, Age 20, Colleyville, TX
USMC LCpl James Casper, Age 20, Coolidge, TX
Army Sgt Melissa Valles, Age 26, Eagle Pass, TX
Army CWO Clarence Boone, Age 50, Fort Worth, TX
Army Spc John Johnson, Age 24, Houston, TX
Army PFC Armando Soriano, Age 20, Houston, TX
Army Spc Joseph Suell, Age 24, Lufkin, TX
Army Sgt Joe Garza, Age 43, Robstown, TX
Army Sgt Roland Castro, Age 26, San Antonio, TX
USMC CWO Andrew Arnold, Age 30, Spring, TX

Army Capt Nathan Dalley, Age 27, Kaysville, UT
Army Spc David Goldberg, Age 20, Layton, UT
Army Sgt Mason Whetstone, Age 30, Ogden, UT

Army Pvt Jason Deibler, Age 20, Coeburn, VA
Navy Petty Ofc Michael Gray, Age 32, Richmond, VA
Army Spc Frank Rivers Jr, Age 23, Woodbridge, VA

Army Sgt Christopher Bunda, Age 29, Bremerton, WA
Army Sgt Curt Jordan Jr, Age 25, Green Acres, WA
Army Lt Michael Adams, Age 24, Seattle, WA
Army Spc Robert Benson, Age 20, Spokane, WA
Army PFC Duane Longstreth, Age 19, Tacoma, WA
USMC Lance Cpl Cedric Bruns, Age 22, Vancouver, WA

Army PFC Ernest Sutphin, Age 21, Parkersburg, WV

USMC Sgt Kirk Straseskie, Age 23, Beaver Dam, WI
Army PFC Sean Schneider, Age 22, Janesville, WI
Army Spc Paul Sturino, Age 21, Rice Lake, WI

Army PFC Joseph Mayek, Age 20, Rock Springs, WY

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