September 25, 2008
A former Miami Herald education reporter implicated in a romantic relationship with a top Miami-Dade schools official has resigned from her post at The Boston Globe, according to a Globe spokesman.

“Tania deLuzuriaga has resigned to pursue other opportunities,” said Bob Powers.

Boston Newspaper Guild President Daniel Totten said he couldn’t comment on whether deLuzuriaga was still employed at the paper, “out of respect for Tania.”

Personal e-mails purportedly between deLuzuriaga and Alberto Carvalho surfaced a couple weeks ago while Carvalho was being considered for a promotion from associate superintendent to the top job over the Miami-Dade school system.

The messages, most of them apparently from deLuzuriaga and dated between July and September 2007, indicate a romantic relationship between the two and suggest that they work together to help each other.

DeLuzuriaga hasn’t commented publicly on the matter. Carvalho has denied having an affair with the reporter but has said he had a “playful” relationship with her.

The e-mails also discuss the two’s professional roles. In a message apparently from deLuzuriaga contending that Carvalho is mean and condescending about her work, the author writes: “…you criticize me for being hurt, saying that we are having a ‘professional’ conversation, that you would treat anyone else in my position that way. I’m not anyone else, Alberto. I’m saying this to show you that there are areas where we’ve both transgressed, and we both need to be more cognisant [sic] and respectful of one another’s work.”

In another message, the person identified as deLuzuriaga apologizes for not considering how an article would affect Carvalho: “But you’re right — if it doesn’t compromise us professionally, we ought to act in ways that help one another. … and it is important for you in this political climate. That’s not to say that I’ve ever done anything to purposely not hurt you, but I don’t think I’ve been as conscious of acting in a way that will help you …”

In reporting on the e-mails, The Miami Herald said that deLuzuriaga’s stories “seemed generally neutral” and that Carvalho was quoted in about 30 of 110 stories deLuzuriaga wrote in 2007. Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal said in the Herald story that “if these e-mails are real, this violates some of the most basic rules of our profession.”

Powers would not say whether the Globe had reviewed deLuzuriaga’s work there.

The reporter left the Herald for the Globe in September 2007. According to a Globe biography, deLuzuriaga majored in journalism at Northwestern University and worked at the Orlando Sentinel before moving to the Herald.

The imbroglio did not prevent Carvalho from being promoted to Miami-Dade schools superintendent. He started his new job earlier this month.


Report: Boston Globe wants to fire reporter who sent e-mails to schools chief
Boston Herald
Christine McConville is told that Globe managers want to fire Tania deLuzuriaga for ethics violations while covering schools at the Miami Herald. She reportedly argues, though, that her Globe work is fine and contends she took the Boston job to get away from a bad situation in Miami. Boston Newspaper Guild president Daniel Totten says: “Tania is a Guild member in good standing and, out of respect for her privacy, we are not going to comment.”

Posted at 7:55 AM Sep 18, 2008

Miami schools chief admits “playful” relationship with reporter, changes story on e-mails
Alberto Carvalho initially told the Miami Herald that e-mails he received from former Herald education reporter Tania deLuzuriaga were doctored to hurt his career; the schools superintendent now says they may be real. He denies the two had an affair. “I’m a gregarious, playful person and she was a playful person,” he says of DeLuzuriaga, who is now with the Boston Globe. (A link to her alleged e-mails is in the second graf.)
Posted at 4:27 PM Sep 12, 2008

Read the e-mails that a former Miami Herald reporter allegedly sent to a school official
Miami New Times
In one 2007 e-mail, education reporter Tania deLuzuriaga allegedly wrote to Miami school administrator Alberto Carvalho: “Will you be completely offended if I leap into your arms the next time I see you (place permitting)? Like in the movies, with arms and legs wrapped around. Like what I wanted to do Thursday and didn’t and when I said I wanted to you asked why I didn’t…love, love, love you xoxoxo.” DeLuzuriaga is now with the Boston Globe.

Posted at 12:37 PM Sep 12, 2008
Did the man picked to run Miami schools have a fling with an ex-Herald reporter?
Miami Herald
A day after he was selected to lead Miami-Dade public schools, Alberto Carvalho said he was the target of a “smear campaign” suggesting he had an improper relationship with former Miami Herald education reporter Tania deLuzuriaga. “If these e-mails [from the reporter to the educator] are real, this violates some of the most basic rules of our profession,” says Herald executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal. “The paper will report most aggressively on this case and determine exactly what happened.” DeLuzuriaga, who is now with the Boston Globe, wouldn’t discuss the e-mails.
Posted at 10:04 AM Sep 12, 2008
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