Bob Herzog went from a traffic reporter to a lead anchor who makes viral videos

January 13, 2019
Category: Business & Work

This is one of 15 profiles in our series on journalism’s last decade. For the rest of the stories, visit “The Hardest Decade in Journalism?”

In 2008, Bob Herzog reported on traffic for WKRC in Cincinnati. In 2018, he worked as the station’s morning anchor, and he added a little something to that work — viral makeup tutorials.

This one has more than 40,000 shares.

Here’s what Herzog told us about the past decade:

What are you doing now that you didn’t expect to be doing 10 years ago?

Daily interactions with our audience on social media.

Looking back, what do you wish you’d done or changed faster?

No regrets.

Looking back, what are you glad you didn’t give up in your career?

The willingness to try to connect with our viewers.

What are you the most excited about now in your career?

I try to take each day for the gift that it is and report accurately while hopefully bringing some fun and joy where appropriate.