December 6, 2021

Lara Logan hasn’t been booked on Fox News and her show hasn’t appeared on Fox Nation since her controversial comments (on Fox News) last Monday comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor ​​Josef Mengele.

I wrote last week, “What has happened to Lara Logan?”

Appearing on “Reliable Sources,” Goucher College media studies professor and former Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik said, “My theory is this: This was someone who was a big, big star and an outstanding journalist on the greatest, most important TV journalism production in the history of the media in ‘60 Minutes.’ She’s no longer relevant. She has moved to the margins and she has adopted this playbook that Donald Trump used — and Lauren Boebert and people on the far right use — of being super transgressive to get attention to themselves.”

Zurawik compared it to drug addiction, saying they have to go further and further and uglier and nastier to continue to remain relevant.

“It’s not sad,” Zurawik said. “It’s disgraceful.”

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  • Lara Logan’s Fox Nation programs are still available on the Fox News pay site. Who owns the words “Mengele,” “Auschwitz,” or “Holocaust?” We all own them. The minute they are banned or cancelled we have failed as a society. In the education field we call their mention “teachable moments.” Opportunities to teach a new generation about the Final Solution. Indeed, Ms. Logan, a preeminent investigative journalist, willing to go and tell stories few others even consider, was relaying what she’d heard others say about Dr. Fauci, who throughout his career has been wrong about nearly everything, and is currently being scrutinized by the US Congress for lying to them. She gave information, for that, her jealous detractors are trying to cancel her. Ms. Logan’s only blemish has been a CBS set-up while she was on 60 Minutes. CBS gave her a story whose protagonist was a published author by a CBS-owned publisher, who had the moral and ethical obligation to verify the author’s story. CBS had a quality control position that hadn’t been filled, and they told her to “go” with the interview of the charlatan author. For that, she took the fall, but she was not to blame. Lara Logan, the tip of the investigative journalism spear, is alive an well, and planning her next breathtaking story – one probably no other journalist has considered.