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    Advice for interns: Go beyond what's required, send handwritten thank you notes and find allies

    Welcome to intern season. The first time I oversaw an intern, my boss gave me valuable advice: Having an intern is actually more work (you need to carve out a lot of time to give feedback), and you are there to teach and guide. It’s not about what they are bringing to you. This doesn’t mean they aren’t useful; many interns provide a lot of value to newsrooms. But I believe it is managers’ responsibility to provide environments that allow interns to grow as journalists and colleagues. 

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    After I lost my job, this is the career advice the smartest women in journalism gave me

    I’ve never been good at math, but there’s one calculation at which I excel. It goes like this: Age of one of my favorite journalists, minus my own age, equals self-loathing.

    How old was Sarah Koenig when “Serial” came out? How old was Susan Orlean when she wrote “The Orchid Thief”? How many times did Susan Orlean get rejected from The New Yorker before she got a job there? Is it comparable to the number of times I’ve been rejected from The New Yorker? (Two.)

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    Calling all media nerds: We're looking for our next Google News Lab Fellow

    The Poynter Institute has officially launched a nationwide search for its next Google News Lab Fellow, who will work alongside journalists in our nonprofit newsroom this summer.

    Can you quote the movie Spotlight? Do you subscribe to more media newsletters than you can count? Can you rattle off the names of your favorite reporters without missing a beat? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should definitely apply.

  • In-person teaching

    Poynter Producer Project

    What Will I Learn:

    • How to find stories that others miss
    • How to find a focus for your story
    • A framework for making ethical decisions on deadline
    • How to write clear, clean copy
    • Techniques for managing peers, managers and subordinates


    Who Should Take This Course:

    Producers at any stage in their career, including associate and newscast producers as well as executive producers.

  • In-person teaching

    TV Power Reporting Academy

    Program Details:

    Week One: (Sept. 11)

    • Finding the lead and focus of your story
    • Story shapes; What goes first, and why
    • Building to the big surprises
    • How breaking news writing is different

    Week Two: (Sept. 18)
    The eight BIG motivators to make every story more interesting

  • In-person teaching

    High School Journalism Program

    Be one of a select group of high school students in the Tampa Bay area selected to participate in this prestigious, intensive program. This one-week workshop for high school students will improve your writing and photography, teach you new ways to use social media and digital storytelling tools, and hone your understanding of journalism’s role in a democracy.

  • In-person teaching

    Poynter Leadership Academy

    At Leadership Academy, you’ll receive personalized 360-feedback from your boss, peers and direct reports. You’ll also receive expert one-on-one coaching from Poynter faculty — and learn how to give actionable feedback to others. You’ll return home with more confidence in the strengths you have to develop your newsroom staff and better serve your audiences.

    You’ll learn how to:

    Adjust your leadership style to get the results you want.

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