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Tools make our journalism more powerful. They unleash our storytelling potential, unlock secrets in data, and help us share stories in new and compelling ways.

As newsroom ranks and audience attention spans shrink, tools are indispensable. Lucky for us, more and better ones are released every day.

Poynter’s Try This! — Tools for Journalism is an effort to find, share and provide training around the best journalism tools. We understand that great tools can be difficult to find and harder to learn (though you’d be surprised how quickly some of them will make their way into your daily work). We're here to help.

This page is the home for all of our journalism tools articles. For more:

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    Drop the jargon and write like a human with the help of this tool

    This article originally appeared in Try This! — Tools for Journalism, our newsletter about digital tools. Want bite-sized news, tutorials and ideas about the best digital tools for journalism in your inbox every Monday? Sign up here.

    Someone told me way back in J-school that journalists should write at an eighth-grade reading level. Or maybe it was sixth. Either way, like many of us, I’ve largely ignored that advice out of vanity. And sometimes laziness.

  • Innovation


    This tool will remind you to have some fun, too

    Tools can help us tell better stories, cover our communities and stay on top of digital changes. Also, sometimes, they can just be fun. This week's tool is a great reminder of that. 

    Hare: Hi, Ren! How was your tofurkey?

    LaForme: So one year, not too long after I stopped eating poultry, my mom did a really nice thing for me by buying and cooking a tofurkey. Sorry if you’re reading this mom, but it was so gross that I haven’t touched anything like it since. I mostly stick to side dishes on T-day these days.

  • Digital Tools


    The best automatic transcription tools for journalists

    Automatic transcription tools have been on the market for a while now, and they’re finally getting good. It now takes just a few minutes, and a few dollars, to upload audio or video to a site and receive a fairly comprehensive transcript. 

  • Innovation


    This tool makes custom surveys that are actually accurate

    How well do your surveys reflect the community? This tool can help. 

    Hare: Hi, Ren! I know it’s only Thursday, but I thought it might be a good time for us to pull a “Freaky Friday.” Have you seen that movie?

    LaForme: Oh! I saw the one from the 2000s with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Is that what you’re talking about?

  • Innovation


    This tool puts professional video editing in your pocket

    Are you editing videos on your phone? This tool might make it hard not to start. 

    Hare: Hi, Ren! Did you give out candy or take candy this year for Halloween?

    LaForme: A little bit of both. I wore a Winnie the Pooh onesie and sat on my friends’ porch with a drink in hand, waiting for trick-or-treaters. We only saw about 30. Still, a fun night. How about you?

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