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Tools make our journalism more powerful. They unleash our storytelling potential, unlock secrets in data, and help us share stories in new and compelling ways.

As newsroom ranks and audience attention spans shrink, tools are indispensable. Lucky for us, more and better ones are released every day.

Poynter’s Try This! — Tools for Journalism is an effort to find, share and provide training around the best journalism tools. We understand that great tools can be difficult to find and harder to learn (though you’d be surprised how quickly some of them will make their way into your daily work). We're here to help.

This page is the home for all of our journalism tools articles. For more:

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Try This! — Tools for Journalism is supported by Google News Initiative as a part of a partnership with Poynter to help journalists find and use digital tools, including but not limited to Google's tools. This project is also supported by a generous gift from the American Press Institute and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, who fund a digital transformation project at Poynter. Poynter retains editorial control over site content.


Poynter Results

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    Don't be the co-worker who sends late-night emails. Use this free tool

    It's OK if you work best really late at night or really early in the morning, but your colleagues and sources don't need to. Here's a tool to help you be effective without being annoying.

    Hare: Hi, Ren! What’s our new tool today?

    LaForme: I was inspired by a colleague at Poynter who sent out some late-night emails, complete with an apology, to revisit an old favorite that more people need to know about. Let’s talk about Boomerang.

    Hare: This isn’t the app that lets you loop Instagram pics, right?

  • Digital Tools


    This tool will help you show what you're trying to tell

    This week, we talk about a tool that's been around for awhile that you may not have considered as a way to illustrate your work.

    Kristen Hare: Hey, Ren, before we get started, I’m not sure if we’ve ever told people how we choose the tools we highlight. I know that from my end when we sit down to talk each week, it’s always a surprise for me, which makes it really fun. But how do you choose what we talk about?

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    This free tool will tell you what the internet thinks of your work

    Analytics tools including Chartbeat and are full of ways to see how your audience is connecting with your work. This week's tool gives you a personalized look at who's clicking and sharing your work.

    Hare: Ren! It’s summer and, despite our best efforts, we’ve slacked a bit here for the last few weeks. But we’re back! Before we get started, do you have some personal news you’d like to share?

  • Digital Tools


    This tool will catch your grammar mistakes (and harass you about Oxford commas)

    Did you spell that word right? Is that an independent clause? That's not a dangling participle, is it? This week, we explore a tool that can help you catch those grammar mistakes.

    Hare: Hey! So, what’s our tool this week?

    LaForme: I want to do something a little different this week, in that I’m going to share a tool that I really like and ask readers if they use something that they like better. Because I think there have to be good alternatives out there.

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    This tool will help you figure out how your fancy camera actually works

    For all the digital tools that can make your work better (and your life easier), some things are hard to perfect. This week, we try out a tool that will help you decode a classic you may still have sitting around.

    Kristen Hare: Hey! What are we talking about today?

    Ren LaForme: Let me start by asking you a question. Do you have a DSLR?

    Hare: I used to. Wait, I do somewhere. Probably in the bottom of a drawer, forgotten and dusty.

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