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    When the newsroom has to evacuate

    To stay or not to stay is the unavoidable question for Florida businesses, with a complicating reality for media: They have to continue to operate to do what they do and cover Hurricane Irma.

    What to do?

    The Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald were studies in contrast due to differing evaluations of the sturdiness of their primary headquarters.

  • Safety


    Kerry Sanders, master of TV disaster, recounts a storm-tossed career

    After a career spent leaning into BB-gun raindrops and tree-snapping winds, Kerry Sanders is getting ready for another harrowing close-up.

    Sanders, a correspondent for NBC News, has covered more than 60 hurricanes in his decades-long career, which has taken him to New Orleans during Katrina, the front lines of Desert Storm and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Now, as Category 4 Hurricane Irma prepares to wallop South Florida, Sanders is bracing to cover the storm after just having witnessed the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

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