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    In memory of a local reporter who made small stories big

    On Nov 1., Nikki Delamotte and Anne Nickoloff made a pitch to their editor:

    “We have a series that we want to launch, and we think it’s timely,” they wrote in an email to their editor, Michael Norman. “We want to focus on Cleveland's entertainment/culture scenes (music, art, food, film, theatre, comedy/improv, dance, literature and fashion, among other sectors) and look at how different organizations or individuals are working to promote safety, diversity and inclusiveness.

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    How local media are covering the 2018 midterm elections

    National media have plenty to say about the midterms. There will be a blue wave. Or maybe a red one. The results will either be a repudiation or an affirmation of the president.

    We get it.

    But how are local news organizations — whose newsrooms are largely based in these districts — covering the midterm elections?

    We put together a list of local news orgs that are covering noteworthy Senate, Congressional and gubernatorial races across the country.

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    Front pages on election day: Go vote

    Front pages from local newspapers around the country led election day coverage on front pages with words including "wave," "decision" and "divided." But a good number used the front to simply remind people to vote, how to vote and where to find results. 

    USA Today Network newsrooms including The Des Moines (Iowa) Register, the (Lafayette, Indiana) Journal & Courier and The (Clarksville, Tennessee) Leaf-Chronicle used the space to remind people how to find polls and to bring ID with them.

  • In-person teaching

    Uncovering the Untold Stories: How to Do Better Journalism in Chicago

    You will learn how to:

    • Examine neighborhood data and assess the socio-economic challenges in each microcosm
    • Think critically about how to reach out to new sources
    • Take home actionable ways to produce better coverage even as newsroom resources shrink
    • Be a more empathetic journalist
    • Build trust with diverse sources



    Subject to change. Updated Oct. 18, 2018.

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