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    Back to School Special: Tips every brand new reporter should know

    By Roy Peter Clark (and friends)

    At a Poynter workshop last summer, I met a high school journalist from Tampa named Chloe. She is always trying to improve in her craft. She talks about reading and writing with keen insight. Every conversation I have had with her makes me smarter.

  • Storytelling


    How one Detroit columnist covered Aretha Franklin's life and death

    Rochelle Riley’s phone rang last year.

    It was Aretha Franklin.

    “And she said ‘hi, it’s Aretha,’ and I went, ‘Oh my God, she’s calling me,’” the Detroit Free Press columnist remembered.

    The journalist and the queen of soul had met and spoken before, but this time, Franklin accidentally called the wrong number. (Riley’s number was listed next to the person Franklin was trying to reach.)

    “And I said ‘Ms. Franklin, it’s Rochelle Riley.’”

  • In-person teaching

    The Power of Diverse Voices: The Poynter Minority Writers Workshop


    When asked what was the biggest lesson from the 2017 workshop, participants responded:

    “I learned to be comfortable with my own voice and writing in the first person. This was one of my biggest challenges before doing the workshop. Now, I feel more confident.”

    “There are other people like me who believe in this type of writing and who write about these issues. I have a tribe.”

  • In-person teaching

    TV Power Reporting Academy

    What you’ll learn

    • How to write clearer, stronger stories—finding your focus, building to big surprises and more
    • What every reporter needs to know about lighting, motion, sequences, action/reaction and cameras
    • How to be a story idea machine and how you can never be without a pitch
    • How to get beyond announcements, fake claims and spins
    • The Tough Calls Toolbox: Practical ethics when you are tight on time
    • How to include new voices and see new parts of your community that are seldom covered
  • In-person teaching

    High School Journalism Program

    The High School Journalism Program is one of the longest-running programs at The Poynter Institute. Founded along with the Institute in 1975, its goal is to give young people the chance to learn about writing and the values and craft of journalism. We realize many students in this program won’t go on to pursue careers in journalism. We know, however, that all of them will learn through this program about the important role of journalism and freedom of the press in a democracy.

  • In-person teaching

    Summit for Reporters and Editors in Multi-Platform Newsrooms

    Program details

    Two tracks will help you dive more deeply into beat/enterprise reporting and editing. And we’ll come together in large group sessions to explore the common threads that will help you tell more powerful stories, no matter what role you play in your organization. In the process, you’ll explore the tools and techniques that will help you thrive in the digital age.

    For more details, read this Q&A with lead faculty Tom Huang and Jacqui Banaszynski

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