COVID-19: Poynter Resources

Poynter’s mission is to champion the duty of a free press to inform, educate and hold the powerful accountable. As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, journalists, fact-checkers, educators and students around the world look to Poynter for best practices in covering the most significant story of this generation. Thanks to donations and grants, Poynter is able to provide more resources, reporting and training for free.

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Daily Newsletters

Covering COVID-19

A coronavirus briefing for journalists from senior faculty Al Tompkins

The Poynter Report

Senior media writer Tom Jones analyzes how journalists cover news

Coronavirus Facts

PolitiFact and MediaWise share fact-checks for the whole family

Free Resources

Fact-Checking Tools

With Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network, you can see how misinformation circles the globe. Check out the IFCN’s #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance database of 7,000+ fact-checks from more than 70 countries.

Do you need context and clarity around what politicians are saying about coronavirus? PolitiFact’s Scorecard keeps tabs.

Finally, MediaWise‘s teen fact-checkers are debunking viral social media posts and teaching as they go. Follow MediaWise on Instagram so you don’t get fooled by hoaxes or conspiracies online.

Tips for Journalists

Covering the coronavirus is intense, particularly for local newsrooms. Here’s how Poynter is chronicling the power and perils of local journalism in a pandemic.

Need help with crisis coverage? Sign up for free, real-time Q&A sessions with Poynter experts called ON POYNT and brought to you through Poynter’s News University.

When you write your next big story, keep these 12 tools in mind to make COVID-19 comprehensible.

The coronavirus is the story of our lifetime. Here are resources, training and funding to help your newsroom tell it.

Training for Educators and Students

News University has curated an array of resources to assist as you migrate to an online teaching/learning environment. These just-in-time supplements will enhance any curriculum.

Poynter faculty and staff are also available for remote drop-in teaching. To ask about the availability of our subject matter experts, fill out this form.

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