Training Solutions for Your Newsroom, Classroom or Workplace

Poynter faculty Sitara Nieves stands in a Poynter classroom to teach diverse women about leadership.

As the pandemic, economic pressures and the need for diversity continue to challenge journalism organizations, Poynter experts are here to help.

We’ll work with you to assess your unique training needs, then craft a flexible plan to help your team grow and succeed. Each year, we train more than 1,000 journalists, leaders, students and educators through seminars that combine independent work with live workshops, and through virtual drop-in sessions and personal coaching.

Poynter can help you address these challenges:

  • Ensuring diversity of perspectives and sources
  • Assessing implicit bias and privilege
  • Examining power structures and workplace harassment
  • Caring for the mental and emotional health of your team
  • Navigating ethical decisions
  • Managing through crisis
  • Leading a remote workforce
  • Having difficult, but effective, conversations
  • Tools to manage time better
  • Fact-checking COVID-19 information and claims
  • Digital information literacy
  • Converting the subscriber funnel while the paywall is down

These are complicated times and running a news organization is as complex as ever. We’d like to hear from you about the challenges you’re seeing. Our experts are standing by to listen, understand your needs and design a training program that is relevant and helpful — as we’ve done for hundreds of customers including:

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