Digital Course Packs

Thank you for being a digital course pack customer and using Poynter and News University resources in your classroom. Poynter’s News University made the decision not to continue the DCP program effective January 2021. All of the NewsU courses you have used recently will still be available to your students, but we will no longer be supporting the gradebook or dashboard.

Digital Course Pack FAQs

The material in the digital course packs isn’t going anywhere. It’s all still online at NewsU, much of it for free, and your students can still enroll in the same courses. What is changing is our ability to create separate courses and gradebooks for your individual classes. Professors will no longer be able to track student progress.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage that.

This change will not impact previous courses, grades, gradebooks, etc.

Professors can ask students to screenshot their quiz results or simply present their certificate to you once they fully complete the course. For example, it may be easier on the professor to assign points for the entire completion of the course once the certificate is submitted.

Please email us at and we’ll try our best to help you.