4 ways to dig deeper in stories of faith and religion

March 13, 2017

Stories about religion are not just about a church, temple or mosque. Here are some guiding questions to help you tell stories with context and credibility.

Motivation. Religious belief or morality is often used to justify assertions or behaviors–and it can also be used as a screen to disguise other motivations. Are there other factors or concerns at stake in the story besides religious conviction?

Faith. Dig deep to find why people struggle for the sake of their faith. Do you understand what motivates the people in the story?

Stereotypes. Have you generalized or stereotyped principles in your story? If you do generalize, set the parameters and explain.

References. Religious movements are changing. Have you shown the current context and used a historical reference if necessary to help readers understand?

Taken from Religion, Culture and Society: Getting Beyond the Cliches, a self-directed course by Diane Winston and Nick Street at Poynter NewsU.

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