6 ways to learn what works on a social media platform

May 22, 2017

Different audiences live on the various social media platforms, and their expectations for what you share (and how) can be wildly different. Here’s how you can learn more about the voice, tone and content for any platform:

  • Start using it and seeing what other people are sharing
  • Ask people who use the platform what types of content they like (and want)
  • Ask people what they’d expect from your brand on the platform
  • Monitor news releases and updates from the platform to get the latest information about how the platform is evolving
  • Follow industry leaders, social media managers and organizations that cover technology, social media and public relations
  • Watch what your competitors and similar organizations are posting

Taken from Tweet This, Not That: How to Write and Edit for Social Media, a webinar replay with Alysha Love at Poynter NewsU.

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