CNN has hired Chris Cillizza

March 13, 2017
Category: Ethics & Trust

Chris Cillizza, the whirling dervish political blogger for The Washington Post, is headed to CNN.

According to Politico, which first reported the news, Cillizza will leave The Fix, the political blog he founded and become an editor at large for the cable news network. He will have “both a digital presence and an on-air role,” Hadas Gold reported.

“‘I’ve been looking for the opportunity to do it all under one roof,’ Cillizza told Politico. ‘Having a place to do the writing and the television piece and do it all under one umbrella — that’s a pretty unique deal. It’s not easy to find.'”

CNN has been scooping up digital talent at the nexus of media and politics for years. Rachel Smolkin, the executive editor of CNN Politics, was an early hire from Politico. After she joined, several Politico stars, including Dylan Byers, Manu Raju and MJ Lee, followed suit.

The Washington Post has been looking for an editor for The Fix since early February.