‘No Stars’ podcast: A music journalist who’s also an activist

January 19, 2018
Category: Ethics & Trust

Jes Skolnik, the second guest on “No Stars,” a music journalism podcast, is adamant that DIY saved their life.

With time spent playing in bands, as well as writing about them, Skolnik’s purview includes savvy takes on music and editing stories on Bandcamp, a well-trafficked site that boasts a framework apart from other music-writing outlets.

After detours from journalism into academia and organized labor, Skolnik has developed a perspective that’s capacious enough to take into account not just the long-tail history of music, but the ever-changing political landscape as well. Based in Chicago and retaining a passion for DIY as something more than a credo, Skolnik’s work has appeared in an array of high-profile outlets, touching on music subcultures and detailing the sort of discrimination and violence that the United States only recently has begun to reckon with in any sort of real manner.

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