Fact-Checking Research Database

We collect (and briefly explain) major studies on fact-checking, fake news and misinformation

Our Summary

The more partisan your online news diet, the less likely you are to believe fact-checkers

This study was conducted ahead of the 2012 presidential election. Respondents were asked whether they were aware of experts' conclusions on four political misconceptions, whether they believed them and which online news outlets they consumed. Frequent conservative online news consumers had a 33 percent chance of being wrong about President Obama's birth certificate despite knowing what most journalists had concluded about it. Only 3 percent of those not reading conservative news held that same belief. Conversely, a frequent liberal online news user had a 10 percent chance of being wrong about Mitt Romney outsourcing jobs during his tenure at Bain even though they correctly indicated what fact-checkers findings were. Researchers concluded that there may be a relationship between partisan media use and political misconceptions.

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