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Research Study

Fact-Checking Effectiveness as a Function of Format and Tone: Evaluating FactCheck.org and FlackCheck.org

Dannagal G. Young, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Shannon Poulsen, and Abigail Goldring
Our Summary

Video or text? Evaluating the relative efficacy of different formats for fact-checking.

The research team, which included Factcheck.org co-founder Kathleen Hall Jamieson, presented a sample of 525 online respondents with a deceptive claim on the Keystone XL pipeline included in a political flyer. They were then presented either (a) a textual fact check of the claim (b) a humorous video fact-checking that claim (c) a non humorous video fact check (d) an unrelated humorous video of a baby singing (e) nothing at all. Belief in the deceptive claim fell more significantly among participants who viewed either fact-checking video than among those who read the article.

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